Faculty are expected to engage in scholarship, to conduct research, and to exhibit creative work in their area of academic expertise. The purpose of the Research grant is to help defray expenses associated with conducting scholarly research (e.g. supplies, equipment, student wages, etc.)


  • Request for funds for research should not exceed $1,000 per proposal. Grants funds may not be used as part of faculty salaries nor may be used to defray costs associated with participation in a course.
  • Generally, a particular project will not be supported for more than two years in succession.
  • The main thrust of the research should be for faculty development; student involvement in research is encouraged.
  • Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for research that supports our strategy to "Lead in the development and adoption of experiential and innovative strategies that enhance student learning."
  • Proposals should not exceed one thousand words and should outline the degree of feasibility of the project, its significance and impact on personal development, as well as on the university.
  • A detailed budget should be included.
  • Proposals should show evidence that the research can be completed within the time period indicated and should show specific plans for the dissemination of the outcome, such as publication, presentation, or attracting outside funding (seed money, pilot projects).
  • Research proposals that involve the use of human subjects must receive approval from the Institutional Review Board at Millersville University. For research proposals in the exploratory stage, an intent to conduct research form must be completed and submitted to the Institutional Review Board. Please attach a copy of the appropriate form to your grant application. Proposals submitted to Faculty Grants Committee without IRB approval or without an intent to conduct research submission number will not be considered for funding.

Final reports must be submitted one year from date of award for Research Grant recipients


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