Electronic Journal of Annual Holocaust Conference Papers

1999 Conference Papers:

  • Samantha Carl (PDF), "The Buildup of the German War Economy: The Importance of the Nazi-Soviet Economic Agreements of 1939 and 1940"
  • Mary Mills, "Propaganda and Children During the Hitler Years"
  • Dr. Philip Rosen (PDF), "Beyond Anne Frank"

1997 Conference Papers

  • Omer Bartov (PDF), "Industrial Killing: World War I, the Holocaust, and Representation"
    This paper provides a gist of Omer Bartov's recent book, Murder in Our Midst: The Holocaust,Industrial Killing, and Representation (Oxford University Press, 1996). It examines the emergence, implementation, and representation of industrial killing, an inherent and crucial component of modernity whose most extreme manifestation was the Holocaust. Bartov argues that the Nazi death factories are best understood within the context of modern warfare, beginning with the First World War. He further shows how the way we understand ourselves reflects the ambivalent effects of the Holocaust on our perceptions of war and violence, history and memory, progress and barbarism.
  • Aaron Gillette (PDF), "Fateful Bonds: The Secret Italo-German Committee on Racial Questions"
  • Eric Epstein (PDF), "The Legal Path to Judeocide" 
    Discussion and chronology of Germany's legislative and judicial isolation of Jews in the Greater Reich from 1933-1945. This presentation also examines the willingness of Great Britain, America and European countries to pass and enforce legislation that entrapped European Jews.
  • Rado Pribic (PDF), "The Complicity of the Wehrmacht in the Holocaust"
    Unfortunately, there is no doubt about the complicity of many German people from all walks of life in the Holocaust, directly or indirectly. A recent exhibit, “The War of Destruction--Crimes of the German Army 1941-1944,” shown in sixteen German and Austrian cities, again underscores the facts that the average soldier was also used and often participated, voluntarily or involuntarily, in massacres and other crimes against humanity.

1996 Conference Papers:

  • Frank Buscher (PDF), "Investigating Nazi Crimes in Byelorussia: Challenges and Lessons"
  • Jessica A. Sheetz (PDF), "Margit Slachta and the early rescue of Jewish families, 1939-42"