The 35th Conference

Millersville University's 35th Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide

2018 MU Holocaust Conference Program

Conference Theme:
The Holocaust and Genocide Trials

April 11-13, 2018

Millersville University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the 35th Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide on April 11-13, 2018. The Conference will discuss international and national Holocaust and Genocide trials. The conference will explore the role of trials in exposing and punishing the crimes of Holocaust and genocide perpetrators and their collaborators, and the influence of trials on the formation of Holocaust and genocide history and memory. The Conference will commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine, the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. The keynote speakers for the conference are Lawrence Baron, San Diego State University and Lawrence Douglas, Amherst College.

The conference is free and open to the public.