Faculty & Staff Recognition

Millersville University recognizes the diverse activities, awards, scholarly work, and community leadership positions held by our extraordinary faculty and staff members.  With pride, we celebrate the commitment of our team in serving our mission, vision and the strategic initiatives of our institution.

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  • How are employees nominated to receive an EPPIIC Value Award?

    Learn more about Millersville University's EPPIIC Values and the annual EPPIIC Value Award (EVA) nomination process HERE.

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  • What are Millersville Milestones and how are they earned?

    Millersville University celebrates employee years of service by awarding Millersville Milestones annually.  

    At the conclusion of each calendar year, the Office of Human Resources will calculate years of service for all regular full and part-time employees. Employees with a five-year service increment will be recognized.

    Please note:

    • Service year will be based on the calendar year, January 1 – December 31.
    • Employees will not be credited for prior years when a break in service occurs or for years served at another Pennsylvania state university.
    • Employees on a leave of absence will continue to accrue service time for the purpose of this program.
    • Distribution of awards will be made during the year following one in which a milestone has been achieved.
    • Recognized employees must be actively employed at the time of award distribution in order to receive their award.
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  • How are faculty and staff awards and activities chosen for inclusion in the Millersville News blog?

    Faculty and staff are invited to submit a summary of their activity or recognition received by submitting this FORM.

    Example activities we've celebrated in this publication include:

    • Awards & Nominations
    • Board Elections
    • Certifications
    • Keynote Addresses
    • Leadership Roles in Local and National Organizations
    • Publications
    • Research

    Let your achievements be seen!

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  • How are Millersville University community member names collected for the Veterans Day Salute?

    In 2019, the Office of Human Resources requested University community members to share their name and miliary branch for the purpose of acknowledging service to their country on Veterans Day.  Since then we've shared the same request via Ville Daily each year.  Interested veterans can email their name and miliary branch to Wendy Bowersox, Office of Human Resources, at wendy.bowersox@millersville.edu for inclusion in this annual listing.

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