Staff Hiring Process

The following steps detail the staff hiring process at Millersville University:


VMC approves position to be filled - HR & Budget notified


HR sends draft JD to hiring manager (within two business days of VMC approval)

  • Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) works with hiring manager to make minor edits/updates to job description as needed
    • If classification review is necessary, position must be sent back through VMC
3 Hiring Manager establishes and charges Search Committee if one is required for position (as soon as VMC approval is received)
  • Hiring manager must strive for diversity; committee should be as small as possible to be effective yet agile. HR will make suggestions related to selected committee members who may be unable to serve.
  • Hiring manager & TAM meet with committee to charge committee, review PeopleAdmin steps, timeline, and position requirements.
4 HR creates the Job Posting (within one day of final JD received by HR)
  • Search Chair uploads Advertisement Plan to PeopleAdmin
  • TAM coordinates with Hiring Manager/Search Chair to post the vacancy on appropriate job boards, MU website, and social media platforms
5 Accept and Screen Applications (timelines as dictated by CBA’s; review with HR)
  • Hiring manager/search committee - establish screening questions to be reviewed by HR for legal compliance (as soon as JD is finalized)
    • Posting must include required questions for candidates to answer which match the requirements of the position
      • These questions will be added to the Supplemental Questions section in the PeopleAdmin posting.
      • This will help to eliminate candidates who do not meet the position’s minimum requirements, thereby reducing the search committee’s review time.
    • Hiring manager or search committee review incoming applications to identify shortlisted candidates using screening spreadsheet.
6 Conduct first round interviews (if necessary)
  • Update screening spreadsheet.
7 Conduct In-Person Interviews
  • Invite promising candidates for in-person interviews.
  • Organize panel interviews, technical assessments, or job-related tests as needed.
  • Evaluate candidates' skills and communication during interviews.
    • Rationale for non-selection is to be uploaded to PeopleAdmin to record the reasons for non-selection of all other interviewed candidates.
      • Rationale for non-selection is a brief written statement describing why each candidate was not selected for hire as compared to the top candidate.
8 Hiring manager - Make Verbal/Tentative Job Offer (as soon as possible after interviews are completed)
  • Confirm appropriate salary with HR before extending offer
  • Check References (hiring manager or search committee)
  • HR initiates background checks
9 Make a Job Offer (within one business day of when background check is complete/clear)
  • HR - Once the candidate successfully completes the interview process, including initial background checks, extend a formal job offer in writing (no more than two business days).
  • Clearly outline terms, conditions, salary, benefits, and the expected start date.
10 HR Pre-Employment Tasks
  • Once the offer is accepted, initiate pre-employment tasks, such as completing paperwork, tax forms, and setting up payroll.
  • Provide information about policies, benefits, and orientation.
11 Onboarding
  • Hiring Manager develops an onboarding plan to introduce the new employee to the university and department culture, policies, and their job responsibilities (using template provided by HR as a starting point).
  • Hiring Manager arranges for necessary training and orientation sessions.
  • Hiring Manager ensures all required equipment, access, and resources are ready on the first day.