Student Employee Hiring Process

The following steps detail the student employee hiring process.



Hiring Manager contacts HR to start hiring process (if a job posting has not already been created)

  • Student Employment Specialist creates posting

Hiring Manager accepts and screens applications

  • Reviews incoming applications to identify qualified candidates.
3 Hiring Manager conducts interviews & chooses candidate(s)

Hiring Manager makes job offer(s)            

  • Creates hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin (serves as request to hire/budget approval; replaces paper form)
  • Moves student to “Begin Background Check” status in PeopleAdmin

Student Employment Specialist initiates background checks & New Hire Paperwork

  • Student Employment Specialist starts clearances, notifies candidate and hiring manager via automated email and text message (text only goes to student)
  • Email is sent from Student Employment Specialist regarding new hire paperwork (to be done at the same time as fingerprint appointment)

Once the student is visible in eTime, then they have completed all steps (payroll paperwork and initial clearances) and are approved to start working.  The Hiring Manger will also receive an email when this process has been completed.