Payment of Wages

When and How Students are Paid

How often will I be paid?
The State System of Higher Education pays all employees on a biweekly basis (every other week). The two-week pay period begins on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. Compensation due for a given pay period is paid to employees two weeks after the end of the pay period. Your supervisor will be able to provide you with exact pay periods and pay dates.

Note: If you have multiple jobs on campus, hours worked for all positions will be paid on the same check.

How will I be paid?
Students can choose to be paid by check or receive their net pay directly deposited to an account at the financial institution of their choice, assuming the entity is a member of NACHA.

Direct Deposit of Net Pay

What is direct deposit and how can it benefit me?
Direct deposit allows the State System to automatically deposit your pay directly into your checking or savings account at a financial institution (bank, credit union, savings, and loan). On payday, instead of receiving a check, you can view your earnings statement in ESS. The earnings statement contains the same information that would have shown on your check (date of payment, gross and net wages, hours worked, taxes, deductions, etc.).

Most employees choosing direct deposit find it is safer and more convenient than receiving checks. That's because:

  • You have instant access to your money on payday, no matter where you are;
  • You do not have to be at work on the payday to be paid;
  • It eliminates the danger of losing a paycheck or having it stolen before you get to the bank;
  • The convenience of not rushing to the bank and waiting in line every payday.

To sign up for direct deposit, bring a canceled/voided check or a copy of a check to Payroll Services, 1st floor Dilworth Building, with Photo ID. If a canceled/voided check is not available, the direct deposit application must be completed by the bank and returned to Payroll Services before direct deposit can be initiated.

IMPORTANT: Notify the Payroll Office of any changes to an account number or before you close your direct deposit account. If changes are reported to payroll after you make the change, delays in receiving your biweekly net pay could occur.

Check Distribution Location

When and where can I pick up my check?
Your check will be sent to the department that completes the Request to Hire Form. Checks are distributed to departments on Friday mornings on a biweekly basis. Your department supervisor can give you specific times pertaining to when the check is available on payday.

When you pick up your check, you will be asked to sign your name on the Student Signature Report, acknowledging that you received your pay on that particular pay date. Your department will also require you to present identification. Students must pick up their own check and are not permitted to pick up a friend's check.

All checks, no matter where you work, will continue to be sent to the original hire department UNTIL you notify the Payroll Office that you want to change your pay check distribution location. Changes can be made by coming to the Payroll Office, Room 106, Dilworth Building, with Photo ID.