Required New Hire Documents

Required New Hire Documents

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*Prior to coming to Payroll, please complete the below required new hire documents, print and sign.*


Check off List of forms (if needed) 

1. Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) section 1 only. Video iNSTRUCTIONS

            (MUST have ORIGINAL documents for I-9. Ex. SS Card and Drivers License)

2. Residency Certification Form

3. Form W-4

4. Local Services Tax (LST) – Exemption Certificate

5. Workers’ Comp, Unemployment, and Student Employment Policy Forms

            Workers' Comp Instructions/Information (Student copy only-keep for your records)

6. Direct Deposit Authorization

7. Employee Information Form

New Jersey RESIDENTS ONLY - Also complete Rev 419 form and NJ W-4

Maryland and Ohio RESIDENTS ONLY - Also complete Rev 419 form

INTERNATIONAL OR PERMANENT RESIDENTS ONLY - Students must also complete the Statement of Citizenship form and bring I-94, DS-2019/IAP-66 or I-20, Passport, Visa, and Permanent Resident Card (if applicable).

IMPORTANT! If saving the forms, you will need to save by printing to "Adobe PDF" (Select File, print, and use the drop down box to select Adobe PDF in the printer selection) and then select where you want to save the files.

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    Details on the Required New Hire Forms

    1. Employment Eligibility Verification form (I-9) IMPORTANT! You must use Internet Explorer to complete the I-9 form. Complete section 1, print, and sign/date.

     - Note: You must bring ORIGINAL documents for the I-9 form. 
     - Listing of acceptable documents for I-9 (must be original documents)

    2. Residency Certification Form - this form will provide us the address that will be used to determine what local taxes should be withheld from your paycheck. Complete the highlighted sections, print, and sign/date. Note: If you are a New Jersey resident, also complete Rev 419 form and NJ W-4 form.

     - New Jersey employees Rev 419 and NJ W-4 - these forms will allow payroll to withhold the correct NJ state tax. Complete, print, sign/date.

    3. Form W-4 - Employee withholding Allowance Certification - this form is used to determine what federal withholding amount should be withheld from your paycheck. Complete boxes 1-3 and, if applicable, boxes 4-7 print, sign/date.

     - Box 5 (students normally enter 0 or 1 allowance)
     - Box 6 and 7 only need to be completed if applicable

     - Note: This form may be changed at any time by completing a new form and bringing it to the Payroll Office or by updating online through ESS (Employee Self Service).

    4. Local Services Tax (LST) - Exemption Certificate - This form will exempt you from paying the current year local service tax. Complete the highlighted sections, print, sign/date. Complete this form ONLY if the exemption applies. If your combined total annual income from all jobs in Millersville Borough is anticipated to be less than $12,000 you are exempt from paying the LST tax.

     - Note: This form will need to be completed each calendar year in order to be exempt. Stop by the Payroll Office to complete a new form each year.

    5. Workers Comp, Unemployment, and Student Employment Policy Forms - Please read over these forms, print, sign/date. These forms indicate the policy or procedure for Workers Compensation, Unemployment information for students and the Millersville Student Employment Policy.

    6. Direct Deposit Authorization - Direct deposit can be set up at any time. Complete the top section of the form and the Primary Account information. Secondary account is used only if you choose to set up a 2nd account having a flat amount deposited each pay. Print and sign the form.

    In order to set up direct deposit you must complete this form and bring to the Payroll Office a voided check from your bank account or documentation/statement from your bank showing the routing and account number.

     - Note: If you have a parent or someone else on your account they will need to sign the form on the Co-Signature line.

     7. Employee Information Form - this form is optional and asks for employee information in regards to martial status, military status, gender, ethnicity, and race. Please complete appropriate boxes. Print and sign form.