AHSS Faculty Speakers Bureau

AHSS Faculty listed below are available to speak on topics of their expertise.  If you would like to invite them as a speaker, please feel free to reach out to the Dean's Office @ 717-871-7160 or AHSS@millerville.edu for more information.

Dr. Barry Atticks

Music Technology

Music Production

Modern Music Education

Concert Production

Music Recording

Dr. Kirsten Bookmiller

Responses to Major International Disasters

Disasters and World Politics

Climate Change Impacts and World Politics

Disaster Risk Reduction

Dr. Robyn Davis

Colonial America

Revolutionary America

Early American Republic

Science and Technology to 1850

Dr. Ronald Frankum

Vietnam War

Second World War

First World War

Cold War

American Diplomacy in the 20th Century 

Dr. Leslie Gates

Arts Education


Standardized Testing

Arts Integration

Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell

Choral Conducting and Repertoire

Choral Music Education

Choral Conductor as Voice Teacher

The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice

Kinesthetics in Vocal/Choral Instruction

Early American Moravian Music

The Music History of Late 18th to Early 19th Century Lititz, PA

Dr. Jessica Hughes

Disability Rights

Disability Pride


Dr. Stacey Irwin

Children's Media


Digital and Media Literacy

Dyslexia Advocacy

Film and Cinema


Local Media/Broadcasting History

Philosophy of Technology


Social Media

Dr. Victoria Khiterer

The Russian War Against Ukraine

Russian-Ukraine Relations (1917 to Present)

The Holocaust of Jews in Kyiv (Babyn Yar)

The History of Jews in Kyiv

Jews in Modern Ukraine

Professor Heidi Leitzke

Contemporary Art



Public Art

Community-based Art Projects

Dr. Justin Mando

Rhetoric & Composition

Science Writing/Science Communication/Rhetoric oF Science

Writing about places

Susquehanna River



Experiential Learning

Hydraulic Fracturing/Fracking

Invasive Species (especially rhetoric related)

Intellectual risk-taking 

Dr. Adyanga Onek


Humanitarian Emergencies

Human Rights

Political Violence



Dr. Carrie Lee Smith

Medical Sociology

Sociology of Reproduction and Birth


Sex and Gender

Community-Based Research

Dr. Robert Spicer

Free Speech/First Amendment

Political Campaigns

Political Deception


Media Studies and Criticism

Media Literacy

New Media Technologies

Dr. Lowery Woodall III

College Radio

College Media Clubs

Radio Production

Comic Books

Cult television/film

Professional Wrestling