About Us - The Learning Institute

In 2013, the Millersville University School of Social Work in Pennsylvania launched a continuing education program, titled The Learning Institute, in an effort to promote global citizenship by raising awareness around social issues and enhancing advocacy skills in order to foster social justice. The Learning Institute emerged in large part from a school’s shared concern with the micro/macro dichotomy that often characterizes the profession, as well as the faculty’s commitment to renewing the profession’s dedication to our social justice mandate.

Rooted in a human rights framework, each year a theme was chosen to reflect The Learning Institute’s dedication to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and enhance justice, advocacy, and activism. Themes include youth violence, sexual exploitation of women and children, and poverty and human need. The Learning Institute is oriented toward global issues as framed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the understanding that many social problems that affect “us” also affect “them.” Through the continuation of The Learning Institute’s programs, we hope to expand our knowledge of global issues in order to bring about social change through the realization of human rights. 

A variety of educational opportunities are provided, including monthly trainings, online webinars, an annual conference, and short-term study abroad trips to engage learners in critical dialogue around global social issues and equip them with knowledge and skills to positively affect social change through responding to social injustices and promoting human rights. All events, except short-term study abroad trips are free to Millersville University faculty, staff, and students. A nominal fee is charged to licensed practitioners who wish to earn continuing education credits.