Annual Global Well-Being and Social Change Conference

10TH Annual Global Well-Being & Social Change Conference Call for Proposals


The Annual Global Well-Being and Social Change Conference provides a platform from which experts share their knowledge and offer training for agents of social change. Each year, the conference brings together faculty, students, staff, and community practitioners from around the world and across disciplines to learn together ways to advance global social justice and human rights. Despite this annual conference, students also present their research and glean knowledge from experts in the field.

2014 - Global Youth: Understanding Challenges, Identifying Solutions, Offering Hope

2015 Exploitation of Women and Children: Global Perspectives

2016 - Global Poverty: Human Needs, Economic Justice, and Social Change

2017 - Children's Rights: Building Resilience, Protecting from Harm, and Foster Well-Being Among Our World's Children

2018 - Wellness in Our Global Community: Clarifying Definitions, Providing Opportunities, Protecting Rights

2019 - Social Justice: Valuing Difference, Pursuing Equity, and Finding Space for Solidarity

2020 - Re-Envisioning Our World: Seeing What Works, Broadening Our View, Seeking Innovative Alternatives

2021 - Global Citizenship: Acknowledging Interconnectedness and Cultivating Social Justice

2022 - Behavioral Mental Health Conference: Workforce Challenges

2023 - Global Connectedness: Achieving Sustainable Change in an Evolving World

This year's conference, titled Global Connectedness: Achieving Sustainable Change in an Evolving World will be held April 20th-22nd, 2023, at The Ware Center, Lancaster, PA.


                                             CALL FOR PROPOSALS

                                   Seeking topics related to Global Goals, including: 

LGBTQ+ Transgender Issues, Equity, Food Insecurity, Homelessness, Mental Well-Being, Systemic Oppression, Access to Fresh Water, Economic Growth/Sustainables, Environmental Justice, Poverty, Access to Quality Healthcare, Access to Education, Emotional Wellness Belonging/Reducing Isolation

This year's conference, Global Connectedness: Achieving Sustainable Change in an Evolving World, invites presentations (paper, roundtable, and workshop) that explore the realization of social justice and human rights and its myriad dimensions and manifestations. Our conference welcomes research that identifies barriers to social justice and human rights, as well as strategies (policies, programs, and practices) to promote social justice and human rights across diverse populations. These presentations may be original research, theoretical framework(s), clinical interventions, pedagogy, and/or policy/advocacy. Human rights are complex and multifaceted; strategies to enhance it require equally complex and interdisciplinaryresponses. Scholars, practitioners, students, and agents of social change from all disciplines are encouraged
to submit proposals.

Proposal Instructions

PAPERS: 60 minute presentations of original research, theoretical
frameworks and clinical interventions.
PANELS: 15 minutes of presentation followed by 45 minutes of
interactive discussion with participants on a variety of topics
related to the conference theme.
WORKSHOP: 60 minutes of educational, interactive, and
experiential learning activities.

Submit your proposal to: by December 31, 2022.

Contact Heather Strohman at with questions.

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