About Our Program

An Innovative Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies is an innovative major centered in the liberal arts and sciences and cultivates multidisciplinary perspectives within the University’s established school and departmental structure. With careful guidance and academic advisement students tailor their major to particular areas of strength and interest. As the designated administrator for this new major, the Multidisciplinary Studies Coordinator directs the program and advocates on behalf of students enrolled in the major. The Coordinator will work with a faculty Multidisciplinary Curriculum Committee to assure that proposed programs within the major meet the approved guidelines and requirements. The Multidisciplinary Curriculum Committee will certify that any proposed program of study meets established criteria.

In addition to working closely with the Coordinator, every student in the major will be assigned an academic advisor(s) with expertise in the proposed program of study. Each course of study will culminate with a faculty-directed capstone experience. Content integration, academic rigor, and learning across disciplines are key attributes of the major. Curricular flexibility will be augmented by careful faculty advisement to ensure timely graduation. Rigor is embedded in defined levels of course work leading to the integrative capstone experience.