Business Analytics

Business Analytics - BS-MDST Major

Business Analytics is an area that is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together competencies across the social sciences and natural sciences.  Data acquisition, data analysis, strategic planning, and communication are essential skills that are common to a number of disciplines and form the core of any business analytics program. Students who enroll in the MDST Business Analytics concentration will gain the abilities and experience to analyze information and make data-driven recommendations that can help clients, workers, companies, and society as they lead business organizations into the future.

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Core Program 1 (30 credits)


  • BUAD 161 Intro to Financial Accounting
  • BUAD 162 Intro to Managerial Accounting
  • BUAD 206 Business Research Methods
  • BUAD 231 Principals of Marketing
  • BUAD 251 Principals of Management
  • BUAD 358 Management Science
  • MGMT 452 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • One of the following:
    • BUAD 307 Management Information Systems
    • INTE 130 Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Any two of the following Core 1 Electives:
    • ACCT 405 Topics in Accounting
    • FIN 405 Topics in Finance
    • ECON 335 Forecasting and Analytics
    • MKTG 431 Marketing Research
    • MGMT 381 Data and Information Management

Core Program 2 (27 credits)

Math and Computer Science

  • CSCI 151 Introduction to Programming for Data Science I
  • CSCI 152 Introduction to Programming for Data Science II
  • CSCI 366 Database Systems
  • MATH 120 Logic for Information Technology
  • MATH 255 Introduction to Data Analytics
  • ECON 333 Econometrics
  • One of the following:
    • CSCI 452 Data Mining
    • CSCI 453 Large-Scale Data Analytics and Visualization
  • One of the following:
    • MATH 235 Survey of Statistics
    • ECON 231 Applied Statistics I

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

This can be fulfilled through one of the following courses:

  • Co-op Ed Exp: ACFN 300, ECON 300, MATH 300, MGMK 300, CSCI 300
  • Honors Thesis: ACFN 489/499, CSCI 489/99, ECON 489/499, MATH 489/99, or MGMK 489/99

General Education (45 credits)

Millersville University's General Education curriculum is designed to cultivate the intellect by educating students to reason logically, to think critically, to express themselves clearly, and to foster an understanding of the human condition. The General Education requirements are detailed here.

Recommended Related (9 credits) and Electives

The following are recommended related courses. Some of these courses are prerequisites for many of the Core 1 classes.
  • ECON 101
  • ECON 102
  • MATH 256

The Core 1 classes provide the fundamental business curriculum. The Core 2 classes provide the programming and statistics skills that are applied in the Core 1 Business classes. Students are given opportunity to choose electives to tailor their curriculum with their interests.