Expanding Worldviews...

Multidisciplinary Studies with Concentration in Latinx and Latin-American Studies will provide students an avenue to better understand the origins, cultural heritage, and contributions of Latinx people to the United States.

The service component to the courses will increase student appreciation for the various lived experiences within the Latino/a community. The MDST concentration in Latinx & Latin-American studies will provide exposure to the largest ethnic minority group in the United States and provide students opportunities to equitably apply their understanding in service to the Latino/a population.

This major provides a rigorous academic grounding and a high-impact practice.

Core One Program (18 credits)

LATS 201 Introduction to Latino Studies

LATS 325 Afro-Latino Cultural Experiences

HUMN 380 Latino Issues of Identity 

ENGL 242 Reading Our World: Caribbean Diaspora OR ENGL 347 Latinx FilmOR ENGL 4xx Latinx Authors 

LATS 491 Topics in Latino Studies OR LATS 4xx Latinx Sexualities and Gender Identities

Core Two Program (18 credits)

GEOG 343 Geography of Latin America

LATS 340 U.S. – Mexico Border Issues

HIST 283 Colonial Latin America

HIST 284 Modern Latin America

SPAN xxx Language Courses (x2)*

   *Select TWO from: SPAN 101, 102, 201, 202, 333, 334, 351, 371, 352, 460, 470


  • LATS 300/400: Completion of ALL Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM) guidelines for a credit-bearing internship (
  • Professional completion of 120 internship hours during final semester with an approved academic outcomes paper (8-10pp) and oral presentation OR
  • LATS 488 Senior Seminar

RECOMMENDED ELECTIVES (choose 9 credits):

SOCY 308 African American and Latino Education

PSYC 318 Psychology of Racism

COMM 217 Intercultural Communication

MUSI 303 Latino Music in the U.S.

PHIL 299 Black, Latin & Native American Thought