Expanding Worldviews...

Multidisciplinary Studies with Concentration in Latinx and Latin-American Studies will provide students an avenue to better understand the origins, cultural heritage, and contributions of Latinx people to the United States.

The service component to the courses will increase student appreciation for the various lived experiences within the Latino/a community. The MDST concentration in Latinx & Latin-American studies will provide exposure to the largest ethnic minority group in the United States and provide students opportunities to equitably apply their understanding in service to the Latino/a population.

This major provides a rigorous academic grounding and a high-impact practice.


General Education (45 Credits)

Millersville University's General Education curriculum is designed to cultivate the intellect by educating students to reason logically, to think critically, to express themselves clearly, and to foster an understanding of the human condition. The General Education requirements are detailed here.