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Student Author(s)DepartmentTitleYear
Sonnet, Olivia EMEE A Safe Landing. 2021 View Info
Lorah, Stacey , Rozman, Katharine F. EMEE recycle the rainbow/recicla el arcoiris. 2021 View Info
Hinchey, Erin EMEE ready for the road. 2021 View Info
Dickens, Jacob ENGL “An Investigation of Pre-code Best Actress Nominated Roles and Award Narratives 1927-1932” 2021 View Info
Hoffman, Leah ENGL “Content Strategy in a Digital Age Considering International Audiences: Adopting an evolving approach for changing times” 2021 View Info
Keck, Karrah E. COMM “Gender bias in college classrooms: Analysis of how unconscious bias impacts student selections of professors” 2021 View Info
Lathrop, Haley CSAN “An Exploration in the Biases Against Hiring Individuals with a Criminal Past” 2021 View Info
Loving, Adam ART “Renaissance Men: The making of an art history comic” 2021 View Info
O’Loughlin, Shannon PSYCH “The relationship between the number of concussions and cognitive decline” 2021 View Info
Pappas, Victoria COMM “Power in Creativity: An Examination of Creativity in the Workplace and its Place in Society” 2021 View Info
Park, Julia Education “Music and Movement in the Classroom” 2021 View Info
Petrosky, Tara B. COMM “’What the Mind Forgets’: Directing a Production During a Global Pandemic” 2021 View Info
Shaloka, Lydia M. AEST “A study of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in social media influencer marketing” 2021 View Info
Suhr, Emily COMM “An oral history narrative of the league of women voters in Lancaster community” 2021 View Info
Traut, Jordan E. ENGL “The universal deluge archetype in the traditional teachings of Anishaabe Onibway American Indians and Japanese” 2021 View Info
Whittemore, Jessica L. CHEM “Gas-phase reactivity of cooking oils through indirect and direct contact methods” 2021 View Info
Miller SD BIOL NCBI's Virus Discovery Codeathon: Building "FIVE" -The Federated Index of Viral Experiments API Index. 2020 View Info
Rozman, Katharine F. EMEE a lucky catch: using design thinking to trap leprechauns. 2020 View Info
Daniel Hartenstine CSCI Scalable data pipeline architecture to support the industrial internet of things 2020 View Info
Schmale, H.J. CSCI A comparison of numerical approaches to the solution of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in one dimension 2020 View Info
Bremer, Francis HIST The Puritans. A transatlantic history. 2020 View Info
Brakefield, Kyra CHEM Crystal structure of [[Mo3Se7(S2CNEt2)3]2(μ-Se)] ⋅ 2(C6H4Cl2), C42H68Cl4Mo6N6S12Se15 2020 View Info
Ames, Alyssa K. MATH “Classroom Practices Used by Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Motivate Their Students” 2020 View Info
Aviles, Teonta C. ART “The ‘En’ Project” 2020 View Info
Bradbury, Virginia Education “Grief in the Classroom” 2020 View Info
Brieva, Hellen BUAD “Image Repair Theory of the Fyre Festival” 2020 View Info
Buck, Jacqueline M. ECON “It's About More than Matching Fences and Swimming Pools: Homeowners' Associations and their Impact on House Values” 2020 View Info
Bingaman, Taylor. PSYCH “Validating Techniques to Assess the Resting Focus of the Eyes and Correlate it with Subjective Estimates of Depth and Size” 2020 View Info
Christenbury, Ashley BIOL “Detection of Pseudomonas tolasii in Symptomatic Mushrooms at the Grocery Store” 2020 View Info
Coopersmith, Jacob WELL “Resistance Training on Stress Levels” 2020 View Info
Czmar, Kelly Education “The Portrayal of Heroes in Elementary 9/11 Curricula” 2020 View Info
Ferguson, Samantha BIOL “The Effect of a Warming Ocean on the American Lobster, Homarus americanus” 2020 View Info
Graham, Kate Education “Carry Me to Freedom” 2020 View Info
Hagen, Sarah E. SOWK “Reducing Chronic Absenteeism: A Content Analysis of Truancy Diversion Programs: Implication for Social Work Practice” 2020 View Info
Hart, Kristen COMM “The Public’s Perception of Graphic Communication” 2020 View Info
Higgins, Christopher A. GEOG “The Case for an Aerotropolis at the Philadelphia International Airport” 2020 View Info
Holloman, Destinee PHYS “Gamma Radiation Attenuation in Biological Materials” 2020 View Info
Holmberg, Emily R. Education “The Influence of Education on Children's Gender Stereotypes and Occupational Interests in STEM Fields” 2020 View Info
Laughlin, Rachel CHEM “Continuation of Altersolanol-P: Synthesis of 1,4,4a, 9a-Tetrahydro-5-Hydroxy-2,3-Dimethyl-9, 10-Anthracenedion Towards AP and Related Derivitaves” 2020 View Info
Leedom, Stephanie L. BIOL “Pathogenic Pseudomonas and non-Pseudomonas Bacterial spp. Are present in Mushrooms with or without Symptoms of Blotch Disease” 2020 View Info
Lemon, Justine Education “Special Education Teacher Attrition and Burnout” 2020 View Info
MacGregor, Marina SOWK “Projected Effects of Equine-Assisted Therepy on Children with Trauma” 2020 View Info
Olchewsky, Laura Education “Factors that Increase Motivation in the Classroom” 2020 View Info
Puia, Julia Education “What Kind of Girl Are You? Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Picture Books” 2020 View Info
Bingaman, Meagan. HIST “'They Were Good and Honest Men, ' Bermuda Governers' Early Relations with Pirates and Privateers” 2020 View Info
Shimer, Brooke PSYCH “The Impact of Gratitude on Mindfullness in College Students: A Mixed Methods Analysis” 2020 View Info
Sterner, Molly BIOL “Investigation into the potential reprogramming of turtle neural crest cells” 2020 View Info
Stottlemyer, Isaac COMM “The Devil's Hand: An Analysis of Discrimination Against Left-Handedness” 2020 View Info
Tepe, Annie MATH “A Historical Analysis of St. Petersburg Paradox” 2020 View Info
Truesdell, Cross A. BIOL “Age Related Changes in the Performance of Female C57BL/6J Mice During a Battery of Behavioral Tests” 2020 View Info
Weiner, Adam B. ESCI “Improving Tornado Watch and Warning Lead Time: A Case Study of the 25 April 2014 Severe Weather Event in Eastern North Carolina” 2020 View Info
Knoll, Jessica AEST why do we wear jackets? an investigation by first grade students. 2019 View Info
Lorah, Stacy EMEE Peter's pocket. 2019 View Info
Good, Gillian N. CHEM Phosphinate-containing rhodol and fluorescein scaffolds for the development of bioprobes. 2019 View Info
Marino, Eliana; Sites, Alexis EMEE this lassroom is fair, not equal! 2019 View Info
Billings, Brian ESCI An Educational Deployment of the NCAR Mobile Integrated Sounding System. 2019 View Info
Ebersold S NURS Association Between Lactation and Postpartum Blood Pressure in Women with Preeclampsia. 2019 View Info
Billings, Connor CSCI “Towards Better Fuzzing: Generating Program Input Formats Through Neuroevolution” 2019 View Info
Deighan, David AEST “Differences in Tonal Value Increase in Offset Lithography” 2019 View Info
Domencic, Sean H.T. ENGL “Transitionary Figures in a MacIntyrean History: Milton The Blind Prophet of Modernity” 2019 View Info
Ghosh, Poushali ESCI “A 3D Reconstruction of the South Santee River Flow as Part of the Hampton Plantation Virtual Landscape Project” 2019 View Info
Gilbert, Mary J. ESCI “The Impact of Extreme Weather Events Due to Climate Change on Lancaster County Agricultural Production in the Period 1980-2016” 2019 View Info
Haldeman, Luke W. HIST “Errancy, Exoticism, and Whiteness in the Domestic Orient: How Lancaster Newspaper Discourse Denied Religious Liberty to the Mormons 1834-1861" 2019 View Info
Herndon, Kaylee ENGL “[Moment]ary Reflections; A Manuscript & Analysis” 2019 View Info
Keebler, Timothy B. ESCI “Statistical Characterization of Aircraft Static Pressure Defect” 2019 View Info
LaSpina, Maria Education “Teaching about Immigration in Elementary School (Grades K-4): Methods, Materials, and Context” 2019 View Info
Lloyd, Susan E. MATH “Combining Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis into an Integrated Statistical Approach to Analyze Data” 2019 View Info
Mooney, Amanda ENGL “Digital Citizenship, Empowered Use, and Prescriptive Pedagogy” 2019 View Info
Sakowski, Timothy A. ESCI “Evaluating Subsurface Fractures in the Appalachian Basin” 2019 View Info
Shellenberger, Noelle MATH “Classical and Transformational Approaches to Triangle Center Theorems and Its Implication to Geometry Education” 2019 View Info