Noonan Endowment Award

General Information

The application period for Noonan Grants begins August 2019. Properly signed applications must be submitted electronically and received by 11:59 PM, Friday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2020, awards will be announced approximately three weeks later.  Guidelines and forms can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Beginning with awards made in Fall 2016, all Noonan recipients will be expected to be present at MADE IN MILLERSVILLE Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity. Made in Millesville is held on the second Tuesday in April annually. Please contact Rene Munoz by email or by phone at ext. 4457 for additional information.

The Noonan Endowment Fund was established to supplement classroom instruction and to encourage and facilitate academically related programs and activities for the enrichment of students at Millersville University. Preference for funding is given to programs involving active student participation at state or national meetings, activities that benefit large numbers of students, and activities that are cross-disciplinary in nature.

Typically, the committee has approved funding for active student participation in conferences and performance competitions, field trips, and programs bringing speakers/consultants/activities to the campus for the benefit of large numbers of students. Generally, grants are limited to transportation, registration, and admissions fees. The committee does not fund meals and lodging; these costs must be borne by the student or another sponsoring group. Noonan requests may not exceed $500.00. In addition, activities required for classroom instruction, course, and/or degree requirements are not funded by the Noonan Grant.

The official application form can be found here.  Take care that all sections are completed in DETAIL. The committee needs to understand exactly what your group plans to do and how the proposed activity will enhance the educational/cultural experience of participants. Under the "Budget" section, list your projected budget for the activity, DETAILING the breakdown of the expenses, as well as the amount requested from the Noonan Fund, and state how the remaining expenses will be met.  If specific details and proper signatures are not provided, your application will be rejected.

Purpose and Guidelines

Application for Noonan Endowment Fund Grant

Final Report and Information for Payment