Rachel Carson Field Course Biology Scholarship

Rachel Carson Field Course Scholarship/Liddell Award



Monday, FEBRUARY 19, 2021 AT 11:59 P.M.

The Rachel Carson Biology Field Course Scholarship and the Liddell Award are scholarships to support field course studies for any School of Sciences and Mathematics major.  Recipients must be in good academic standing overall and within their academic major (2.0 GPA) and pursuing a BA, BS or BSE in the sciences or mathematics.  Applicants will be considered but preference may be given to marine biology and oceanography students.  Financial need may be considered but it is not the deciding factor in selection.

The minimum Rachel Carson scholarship award will be $1,000, and the minimum award for the Liddell Award is $500.  Scholarships will cover cost for credits, fees and housing up to the amount awarded and will be paid as a reimbursement upon successful completion of the course and presentation of invoices to the Millersville University Foundation.  Applicants will be considered for both awards and are eligible for multiple awards.