Filing A Title IX Complaint

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous reports of sexual misconduct may be submitted by clicking here.

Amnesty for Complainants and Witnesses

During the process of investigating a report of sexual misconduct, other violations of the Code of Conduct may be found to have been committed. The Millersville community encourages the reporting of misconduct and crimes by reporting parties and witnesses. Sometimes complainants or witnesses are hesitant to report to university officials because they fear that they, themselves, may be accused of a policy violation such as underage drinking at the time of the incident. It is in the best interest of the University community that individuals of this community report to university officials and that witnesses come forward to share what they know. To encourage this culture of reporting, the university pursues a policy of offering complainants and witnesses amnesty from minor policy violations related to a sexual misconduct incident.

Report to the Police

Every individual reporting sexual misconduct to the University, also has the option to report to Millersville University Police Department or the local police department; who to report to is contingent upon jurisdiction. It is the reporting party’s decision to participate in the University process, a criminal process, both or neither. Law enforcement agencies investigate criminal behavior and do not investigate potential violations of Title IX. These two are separate and distinct processes. However, investigations conducted by the University under the sexual misconduct policy may coincide with law enforcement investigations due to the same conduct.  At the request of law enforcement, the University investigation may be delayed temporarily while law enforcement is gathering evidence. The investigator will promptly resume the University investigation when notified that law enforcement has completed the evidence-gathering stage of its criminal investigation.

The University encourages prompt reporting of sexual offenses to law enforcement, but we recognize that people who experience sexual misconduct have the right to decide whether to file a criminal report with the police, a conduct report with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (717) 871-5841, and/or a sexual discrimination/harassment complaint with the Title IX Coordinator (717) 871-4100. Here are a few things to know about filing a report:

  • Anyone can file a report whether they are a complainant, witness, or concerned third party.
  • Complainants have the option to file both a criminal report with the police and a report with the University at either the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards or the Title IX Coordinator (717) 871-4100.
  • Filing a report does not mean that you have to be involved in a police investigation, go to court, or talk to the respondent.
  • Advocacy services to navigate the Title IX process are available through Student Conduct and Community Standards.  Victim advocacy services are available through the YWCA 
  • The intentional filing of a false report will not be tolerated. It is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct to make an intentionally false report of any policy violation, and it may also violate state criminal laws and civil defamation laws.

Choose any office with whom you feel most comfortable, we are here to help you navigate your options and provide you with resources.

Sexual Misconduct Fact Sheet