How can the Title IX Office assist?

Supportive Measures

A student who believes they have been impacted by or subjected to sexual misconduct (complainants), as well as a student who has been accused of sexual misconduct (respondents), may contact the Title IX Coordinator (717) 871-4100 to request any of the following interim actions when related to the incident or accusation of sexual misconduct:

  • access to counseling;
  • changes in work or housing locations;
  • assistance in exploring alternative housing off campus;
  • assistance in exploring alternative transportation and employment situations as appropriate;
  • modifications of work or class schedules;
  • campus escort services;
  • assistance in arranging extensions of time or other course-related adjustments;
  • leaves of absence;
  • restrictions on contact between the parties;
  • other individualized interim actions as appropriate. 

Protection Against Retaliation for Students

Millersville University prohibits retaliatory action against any person making a complaint of sexual misconduct or against any person cooperating or assisting in the investigation of any complaint of sexual misconduct.  This includes any form of intimidation, threats, or harassment.  Acts of retaliation constitute a violation of University policy and of the Student Code of Conduct and will result in disciplinary action.  Complainants and respondents are informed of this provision and any retaliation should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.

  • Obtain information about available protective orders by contacting Domestic Violence Service’s Legal Clinic at 717-291-5826.
  • The YWCA can assist with a sexual violence protection order: 717-392-7273 or on campus: 717-841-4141.
  • The Title IX Coordinator, 717-871-4100, can assist with no-contact orders as well as emergency relocation options.

The University strongly encourages prompt reporting of sexual offenses to law enforcement but we recognize that people who experience sexual misconduct have the right to decide whether to file a criminal report with the police, a conduct report with the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards (717) 871-5841, or a sexual discrimination/harassment complaint with the Title IX Coordinator (717) 871-4100. Reporting to Student Conduct, the Title IX Coordinator, or Human Resources does not require police involvement or reporting to the police.  A complainant may also report directly to law enforcement. If the incident happened on campus, you may contact University Police through an off-campus dispatcher at (717) 664-1180 or through a campus dispatcher at (717) 871-4357.  Call 911 in emergency situations.