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Whether they are promoting a well known artist through an artist talk, or teaching the acquisition of new skills through a workshop, the faculty members from the Department of Art & Design bring pride in illustrating to our students that the skills they are learning in the classroom can transform into lucrative careers beyond their education.  


  • 10/28 & 11/3.2020 Ι Waterless Lithography Laser Engraver Workshop

    Waterless Litho Laser WorkshopSarah Pike, printmaker, and owner of FreeFall Laser led a two-session visiting artist workshop that integrated new technology with traditional printmaking techniques. In this student-centered workshop Sarah shared her research in laser engraving waterless lithography plates and walked students through the process of creating laser-ready files, fine tuning settings with step tests, and troubleshooting. Sarah believes strongly in empowering students to understand the relationship between how the laser cutter operates, its effect on materials, and how to advance its application in the fine arts through safe experimentation. In addition, Sarah demonstrated her improvisational approach to image making where she collaborates with the laser cutter to create one-of-a-kind matrixes that do not exist as digital files. This was a unique opportunity for students to work with one of the top researches in laser cutting for printmaking and the fine arts.

    This workshop was in keeping with a new initiative in the Art & Design program to integrate new technologies into the student's art making and to utilize them more fully in the various studio disciplines.  Ms. Pike is highly regarded for her laser engraver bootcamp which she has been offering to university faculty across the nation to incorporate the equipment and her unique uses of it into their respective printmaking programs.  She has only recently begun offering this content to art students and specifically she is tailoring the proposed workshop for its possibilities in Lithography for MU.

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  • 10/26.2020 Ι Microworld@Home Virtual Workshop
    MicroWorld pdf

    Art & Design Students, if you are interested in digital and visual art, music, video games, science experiments, performing and more, we’d like to collaborate with you to create a Trans-Atlantic Microworld@Home virtual art event with Genetic Moo!  This event will allow you to engage with artists from England, have fun with other MU students, and experiment and play in a virtual environment.  Everyone involved can watch the stream on YouTube or join the broadcast on Zoom. 

    Genetic Moo is an artist duo made up creative coding couple Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. We are interactive artists. We build living installations in pixels and light. In dark spaces you can interact with projected fantastical creatures or immerse yourself in ever changing digital ecosystems. We’re inspired by popular science, particularly in the areas of ecology, symbiosis, morphology, mutation and artificial life.

    Microworld@Home is an experimental digital art space. Since March, we’ve been working with others to create an exciting and responsive online experience broadcast from a 4x4 metre room in our apartment. 

    Learn how to participate... The Info Session to help you prepare to participate will be held on Thurs. Oct. 8th at Noon using Zoom.  You can also learn ways to engage in this Microworld event by contributing your own artwork by watching the instructional video here.

    When can I watch the event?  Watch the live event on YouTube that took place on Oct. 26 from 4:00 - 5:15 pm. 

    YouTube Video Ι WATCH HERE

    This event is presented by the Eckert Art Gallery in collaboration with Genetic Moo and Dr. Filippone’s Contemporary Art class. Please contact Prof. Heidi Leitzke with any questions. 

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CAD+Fab Lab Live Workshop

Millersville University's Department of Art & Design is happy to welcome the establishment of the Computer Aided Design and Fabrication Lab (CAD+Fab Lab) in room 307 of Breidenstine Hall.

The CAD+Fab Lab welcomes students of all skill levels to explore and experiment with a wide range of digital fabrication machines and the design software, Rhino 3D.  The Lab staff will be hosting regular workshops for Art & Design students to become familiar with Rhino 3D, and protocol on lab safety.  

Intro to Rhino 3D Software Live Workshop Series

  • 10/30.2020 Ι Box Design

    Box Image for Rhino WorkshopBreidenstine Hall in Room 307 (CAD + Fab Lab)
    2:00 - 4:00 pm

    Intro to Rhino 3D Software Workshop Series: Box Design
    is an introduction to the design software, Rhino 3D. This workshop focuses on the creation of 2 dimensional tool paths that can be exported to our Laser cutting/engraving and Waterjet cutting machine. You will become familiar with basic commands that will help you design complex joinery with ease.

    If you are interested in attending this workshop, please call 717-871-7249 or email with the name of the workshop, as well as your name, major, and the semester you are scheduled to graduate.  

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