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Whether they are promoting a well known artist through an artist talk, or teaching the acquisition of new skills through a workshop, the faculty members from the Department of Art & Design bring pride in illustrating to our students that the skills they are learning in the classroom can transform into lucrative careers beyond their education.  

CAD+Fab Lab Live Workshops

Millersville University's Department of Art & Design is happy to welcome the establishment of the Computer Aided Design and Fabrication Lab (CAD+Fab Lab) in room 307 of Breidenstine Hall.

The CAD+Fab Lab welcomes students of all skill levels to explore and experiment with a wide range of digital fabrication machines and the design software, Rhino 3D.  The Lab staff will be hosting regular workshops for Art & Design students to become familiar with Rhino 3D, and protocol on lab safety.  

Machine Operation

  • POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Ι Wazer Waterjet Cutting Machine w/ Zach

    Box Image for Rhino WorkshopOur very own, Labatory Technician, Zach, is holding a demo on the WAZER Waterjet.  

    The WAZER Waterjet Cutting Machine can cut ANY material, with few exceptions! This ability is justified by the machine using extreme high-pressured water and an abrasive to cut through material. The machine itself has a cutting area of 12” x 18” and can cut some materials up to 1” thick.

    Zach will be reviewing the inner workings, safety, and proper application of the WAZER Waterjet Cutting Machine. Feel free to bring questions or potential projects! Please join him either in person, or virtually, on Friday, March 12th at 1:00 pm in the Art Education room (Breid 209) or on Keep watching, more demos are planned this Spring.

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