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About the Master's in Art Program

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Art Education is a graduate degree for both in-practice and aspiring art educators. Most students enrolled in the M.Ed. program currently hold a K-12 certification and may be employed as art teachers; however, M.Ed. students can also take the required courses to obtain the Pennsylvania state certification in art education if they are not already certified.  Through the M.Ed. program, students will take coursework in art education, general education, art history, studios, and elective credits.  Students concentrate on developing a Thesis (33 Credits) or a Research Project (36 Credits).  For additional information on Millersville's Master of Education in Art Education please visit the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.


Admission to the program is open to those applicants who possess a Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university. Applicants must submit supporting documents as required for general admission to a graduate program. Applicants must possess Pennsylvania Instructional I Certification in art education.

  • Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate grades and grade averages (minimum: 3.0 cumulative; 3.25 in art and art education courses)
  • Evidence of artistic expression (portfolio review); Applicants who completed an undergraduate degree in art at Millersville University are not required to submit a portfolio for review.
  • In-person interview, in some cases.
  • Portfolio Review - currently in moratorium 


I. The Professional Core (9 s.h.)
     EDFN 601 Methods of Research (3)
     Choose One:
        PSYC 525 Advanced Developmental Psychology (3)
        PSYC 526 Advanced Adolescent Psychology(3)
        EDFN 545 Advanced Educational Psychology (3) 
        PSYC 625 Human Growth and Development (3)
     Choose One: 
        EDFN 511 Comparative Education (3)
        EDFN 590 Social Foundations of Education (3)
        EDFN 603 Philosophy of Education (3) 
        EDFN 604 Education and Public Policy (3)

II. The Art Education Core (9 s.h.)
*These courses are required. Substitutions require exception approved by advisor and graduate dean.
     ART 523 Art Curriculum Seminar/Workshop (3)
     ART 526 Current Trends in Art Education (3)
     ART 603 Assessment in Art Education (3)

III. Comprehensive Study Program (9-15 s.h.)
     ART 533, 534, 633, 634, 635 Drawing (3-15)
     ART 641, 642, 643 Design (3-9)
     ART 552, 554, 652, 654, 656 Painting (3-15)
     ART 553, 555, 653, 655, 657 Watercolor and Related Media (3-15)
     ART 563, 564, 663, 664, 665 Printmaking (3-15)
     ART 567, 666, 66 Advanced Photography 2 (3-15)
     ART 582, 583, 682, 683, 684 Sculpture (3-15)
     ART 581, 586, 587 Topics in Art Education (3-6)
     ART 588, 589, 688 Topics in Art History (3-9)
     ART 591, 592, 691, 692, 693 Fine Art Metals (3-15)
     ART 596, 597, 695, 696, 697 Ceramics (3-15)
     ART 602 Qualitative and Arts-Based Research Methods
     ART 678 Documented Study in Art Education (3-6)
     ART 686, 687 Topics in Art Studio

IV. Final Options (Select One)
     Option 1: Research Options
           ART 678 Documented Study in Art Education (3-6)

     Option 2: Thesis Option
           ART 699 Thesis (3-6)

Post Baccalaureate Certification (Instructional I) in Art

If you have a Bachelor's degree and would like to be certified to teach in the state of Pennsylvania or would like to add another instructional area of certification to your present certificate, you will need to apply to our Post-Baccalaureate Certification program.  For additional information on Millersville's Post Baccalaureate Certification in Art please visit the Certification Office.

Post Master's Supervisory Certification in Art Education


Applicants for the supervisory certification program must have:

  • A Master’s degree,
  • Instructional II Certification in Art, and
  • Acquired five years of teaching experience before the certificate is awarded.

Certification Requirements

I. Core Courses
     See the Supervisory Certification Program section for requirements and course descriptions.
II. Department Courses
     ART 526 Current Trends in Art Education (3)
     ART 799 Applied Supervision: Art Education (6)

For additional information on Millersville's Post Master's Supervisory Certification please visit the Certification Office.