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Whether you are pursuing a bachelors degree in art or design, Millersville University has options for everyone.  Although the BDes is specific to studying graphic and interactive design, the BA, BFA and BSE degree permits students to focus in the studio area of their choice.  Concentration areas are available in ceramics, drawing, fine art metals, interactive and graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Study the path that inspires and innovates you to bring out your creative passion! 

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Art & Design Cutsheet
BA - Bachelor of Art in Art (120 credits)

Curriculum Forms:  Degree Requirements , BA Course Sequence Sheet  & BA (I&G) COURSE SEQUENCE SHEET

This BA in Art is a traditional liberal arts degree, which allows students to develop intellectual and creative strengths and plan for future careers within the learning context of the visual arts.  Individuals in this degree program develop their skill and knowledge through completion of selected courses in general education, studio art, and art history. Minor studies are often explored in this degree but not limited to Business (Marketing), Industry and Technology (Printing Industry), and Psychology.

BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (126 credits)

Curriculum Forms: BFA DEGREE REQUIREMENTS , BFA Course Sequence Sheet & BFA/BSE (Duel Major) Course Sequence Sheet 

Due to the extensive preparation, this degree is considered the "professional" art degree and prepares students to pursue a career or establish their own businesses in art. Graduates may sell their work through various art and craft show circuits, open their own galleries, accept freelance work for clients, or start their own graphic design agencies.  Additionally, this program prepares students who wish to continue their education and acquire MA (Master of Art) or MFA (Master of Fine Art).

BSE - Bachelor of Science in Education in Art (129 credits)

Curriculum Forms:  Degree Requirements,  BSE Course Sequence Sheet & BFA/BSE (DUAL MAJOR) COURSE SEQUENCE SHEET

The BSE in Art Education program is designed for students who aspire to become art teachers. Upon completing this program, our graduates are eligible to be certified to teach students grades K-12 in the state of Pennsylvania. Students must complete four art foundation courses consisting of both Drawing 1 & 2, as well as 2D and 3D Dimensional Design, and four art history courses.  To gain a broad background, art education students must take courses in a variety of student areas and four additional elective studio courses. Studio experience is blended with education coursework to ensure well prepared professional teachers enter the field upon graduation. The education courses are offered within the art department as well as courses within the College of Education and Human Services. Students pursuing a BSE can elect to also simultaneously pursue a BFA. By meeting the requirements of both degree programs and earning 150 credits, students will earn a BSE and BFA degree at graduation. Completing both degrees mandates the completion of additional studio art courses which enhances students’ confidence in the classroom as well as their marketability.


Bachelor of Design - Cutsheet
BDes - Bachelor of Design (120 credits)

Curriculum Forms:  Degree RequirementsCourse Sequence Sheet 

The Department of Art & Design at Millersville University offers a Bachelor of Design (BDES) degree, majoring in Interactive and Graphic Design. Interactive & Graphic Design as a discipline has radically changed and has opened up more opportunities for students to learn and design with new technology. By keeping current with technological demands placed on the discipline, graduates with these skills will support an educated workforce that is prepared to contribute to Pennsylvania's economic vitality and supporting the ability for the commonwealth to compete globally. For additional information, please visit .