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Breidenstine Hall Ι Breidenstine 307


Breidenstine Hall has a Digital Fabrication Lab.  The Fab Lab is in room 307, on the third floor.  In order to complete projects, the lab has ---*****--- available for purchase to complete projects via a Fab Lab voucher. The voucher is available for purchase in the Main Office (Breid 101). The pricing information is available on this page. Vouchers for the Fab Lab are available in the Main Office (Breid 101) from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.


These lab hours vary and are subject to change on a semester-to-semester basis. In addition, they will be modified from their standard schedule during finals week.  This lab is closed during official university holidays and semester breaks. 


Print vouchers are available via check, money order, or Marauder Gold. Please review the "Cash Collection, Receipt, and Deposit Policy" for further details and exclusions.

  • Checks (Personal & Cashiers)
    • Personal Checks (excluding starter checks, which are the non-personalized checks, that you receive when first opening a checking account. - see Cash Collection Policy below - p. 5 - H.1.g.)
    • Cashier Checks (checks printed by your banking institution)
    • Payable to, "Millersville University".
    • Reference, "Fab Lab Voucher" in the memo field.
  • Money Order
    • Can be purchased for a nominal fee at convenience stores such as the customer service station at Giant Food Stores or Turkey Hill gas station.
    • Payable to, "Millersville University".
    • Reference, "Fab Lab Voucher" in the memo field.
  • Marauder Gold
    • For those who desire to use a credit card, debit card, or banking account, Marauder Gold can be activated under your MAX Account or "GET" app on Google Play or the App Store. A minimum of $25.00 is required in order to activate an account. As the department doesn't have a QR Code reader, your Millersville University ID must be presented to the secretary in order to complete a transaction.
    • See the memo below "Marauder Gold - Merchants" to review merchants both on and off-campus that accept Marauder Gold.

Fab Lab Voucher

Please review the cost of the material supplies below to determine the total value you will need on your Voucher.

Fab Lab Materials Cost Sheet