Art & Design - Minors


The Department of Art & Design currently offers four minors, each requiring 18 credit hours:  Studio Art, Art History, Fine Art Metals, and Photography. Portfolios are not required for any of the minors within the Department of Art & Design, however, those wishing to pursue an art minor cannot simultaneously pursue a BA, BFA, BDes or BSE in art or a BDes in interactive & graphic design.  To declare a minor, please use the Academic Program Change Request.

Studio Art (18 credits)

Curriculum Form:  Degree Requirements

The Studio minor is a program of study designed for the student who wishes to pursue a sequence of courses in studio art in addition to those of his/ her major field.  

Art History (18 credits)

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The Art History minor is a program of study designed for the student who wishes to pursue a sequence of courses in art history in addition to those of his/her major field. Students learn the significance and influence of art history in historical works and in contemporary works. Classes range from pre-historic, medieval and renaissance art to contemporary movements in art. Students experience the full range of art through the ages.  

Fine Art Metals (18 Credits)

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We are excited to announce the implementation of the Fine Arts Metals Minor.  Information on this minor is forthcoming.  

Photography (18 credits)

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Photography’s impact on society, amplified by digital technology and social media, is one of the most powerful transformations of the 21st century. A minor in photography will give students the unique opportunity to study and understand the history, practice, and impact of photography.

Photo minors will gain a skill set that will not only complement their major, but will also add photographic proficiency to their post-academic careers. Since almost every business uses photography in some way, the possibilities for employment are extremely diverse.

The Photography minor offers a flexible curriculum that will introduce students to a range of practical experience in the digital lab, darkroom, studio, and working with people. It will also encourage students to think critically and to understand the complexity of photographic images. Students will be encouraged to participate in study abroad, internships and extracurricular activities. These experiences will allow students to gain valuable real world knowledge that lasts long after graduation.