Community Engagement Grant Program

The Community Engagement Grant Program, housed within the Center for Public Scholarship & Social Change, is an internal grant program for faculty that aims to support costs (supplies, equipment, student wages, etc.) associated with one of the following:

  • Community-Based Research Projects: Collaborative inquiry between faculty and community members to identify, research, and solve community problems.
  • Community Impact Projects: Projects where faculty and community members work together to address problems and needs in the community.

Priority funding will be given to those conducting polling/survey research and to those address political, social, or economic issues in Lancaster County. Collaborative faculty-student projects are encouraged.

The application window for the 2023 grant is now Closed.

Past Grant Recipients

  • 2022-2023

    Dr. Dominique Didier (Biology) – Serving the I/DD, ASD, and Neurodiverse Population Through Nature-Based Experiential Programs

    Dr. Jessica Kelly (Geography) - Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis in Columbia, PA: A Community-Based Research Collaboration

    Dr. Kelly Rotondo (Nursing) – STOP THE BLEED Initiative

    Dr. Christopher Stieha (Biology), in partnership with Jasmine Kelliehan (MU 2021) – A Perfect Gift Community Garden in Honor of Elder Jean L. Mulberry

    Dr. Miriam Witmer (Educational Foundations) and Dr. Jeffrey Wimer (Wellness & Sports Sciences) – Future Educator Academy (FEA)
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  • 2021-2022

    Dr. Lesley Colabucci (Early, Middle and Exceptional Education) and Dr. Deborah Tamakloe (Early, Middle and Exceptional Education) - Global Literacy Initiative

    Dr. Kerri Farkas (English & World Languages) and Professor Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol (Library) - Engage for Change Journal

    Dr. Jennifer Frank (School of Social Work) - Feeding the Poor: Exploring the Nature of Disconnection Among Charitable Food Resources in Rural Areas

    Dr. Aileen Hower (Early, Middle and Exceptional Education) – Serving Elementary Students of Need in a Post-Pandemic Educational Environment

    Professor Nancy Mata (Art & Design) – Intercourse Library Archives and Records Collection Project

    Dr. Margaret Mbindyo (Academic Advisement and Student Development) – Empowering Refugee Parents to Create Safe Spaces for their College Bound Students
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  • 2020-2021

    Dr. Angela Cuthbert (Department of Geography) - An Examination of the Capacity of Lancaster County Boroughs for Refugee Settlement

    Dr. Kerri Farkas (Department of English & World Languages) - Engage for Change Journal

    Dr. Jennifer Frank (School of Social Work) - People & Places: Finding Sustainable and Human Rights-Oriented Approaches to Homelessness in Lancaster

    Heidi Leitzke (Department of Art & Design) - Reservoir Park Mural Project

    Dr. Deborah Tamakloe (Department of Early, Middle, & Exceptional Education) and Dr. Karen Rice (School of Social Work) - Growing Global Champions

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  • 2018-2019

    Dr. Jennifer Frank, Dr. Laura Granruth, Dr. Heather Girvin, and Brittany Leffler - Paper Trails: Using Correspondence to Create Authentic Community Connections, Building Empathy, and Decrease Social Isolation

    Dr. Laura Granruth, Dr. Jennifer Frank, and Christopher Thomas - Living the Best Life Possible: Program Evaluation of Housing Development Corporation (HDC) Resident Services

    Dr. Deborah Tamakloe - Accessibility for All: Enhancing the Curriculum with Assistive Technology (AT)

    Dr. Miriam Witmer and Dr. Jiff Wimer - Color of Teaching Summer Academy III

    Dr. Jessica Hughes - Making an Impact: A Service Learning Project and Camus Event

    Dr. Jennifer Frank, Dr. Karen Rice, Dr. Laura Granruth, and Christopher Thomas - Fresh, Healthy, and Sustainable: Campus Connections to Address Student Hunger

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  • 2017-2018

    Dr. Richard L. Mehrenberg - Aaron's Acres Adult Recreational Program Feasibility Study

    Dr. Aaron Haines - A Community-Based Research Project to Survey Rare Bat Species in Lancaster, PA Using Citizen Science

    Dr. Jill Craven and Dr. Kevin Ghaffari - Demystifying Dyslexia: A Resource Day

    Dr. Jennifer Frank - Developing Partnerships to Create Community: The Loft as a HUB of Connection

    Dr. Deborah Tamakloe - Project a Child's Voice: Training for CASA Volunteers

    Dr. Miriam Witmer and Dr. Jeff Wimer - Project Teacher Development: A Community-University Collaboration

    Dr. Laura Brierton Granruth and Dr. Jennifer Frank - The Road Home Training Initiative Evaluation

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  • 2016-2017

    Dr. Caleb Corkery and Dr. Julie Pyle Childs - Millersville University Story Telling Experience (MUSE), School District of Lancaster

    Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz - Video Production for WORLD (We Orchestrate Real Literacy        Development) and the Ore Valley Elementary School

    Dr. Carrie Smith and Dr. Laura Granruth - Developing a Taxonomy of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly Cases, Lancaster County District Attorney's Office

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  • 2015-2016

    Drs. Louise Manfredi and Mark Atwater – Engineering Solutions for the Economically Disadvantaged in Lancaster County

    Drs. Laura Brierton Granruth and Carrie Smith – Developing Taxonomy of Successful Outcomes in Primary Financial Exploitation Elder Abuse Cases

    Dr. Changfu Chang – Lancaster Safety Coalition Promotional Video

    Dr. Stacey Irwin – Project Green Lancaster 2.0

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  • 2014-2015

    Dr. Tracey Weis and Marilyn Parrish – "Together for Good" Oral History project celebrating 125th Anniversary of the YWCA Lancaster

    Dr. Charles Geiger - Creating historical interactive maps of the Rockford Plantation

    Dr. Ronal Frankum and Monica Spiese - Conestoga Area Historical Society

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  • 2013- 2014

    Dr. Nadine Garner – Nurturing the Seeds of Sustainability: Growing the American Dream

    Duane Hagelgans - Emergency Operations Plan for Manor Township and Millersville Borough: Blue Rock Regional Emergency Management Agency

    Karen Rice and Lenora Foels - Institute of Global Well Being and Social Change

    Richard L. Mehrenberg - “Homefield’s Insect Hotels”  (Visit

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  • 2011-2012

    Dr. Theresa A. Russell-Loretz - Public Relations Faculty
    Preparation of Students for Team Collaboration in Service-Learning Projects

    Dr. Gregory Dennis Paul - Course Development for Incoming Freshmen on Civil Dialogue, Conflict Management, and Justice

    Robert Eugene Ellis - Course Development Conflict Management and Justice

    Stacey O. Irwin - Project Green Lancaster

    Dr. Nadine Garner  and Dr. Jason Baker - Interviewing School Counselors Regarding Implementation of National Models

    Dr. Kathleen Walsh and Miriam M. Witmer - Engaged Scholar's Program

    Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn - Centerville Elementary School "Math Day" for Gifted Students

    Mark Snyder - Classroom Service Learning with Local Non-Profit Organizations

    Dr. Timothy Shea - University Writing Center and Engaged Scholars Program

    Dr. Christine M.M.Gaudry-Hudson - Regional Representative for AATF Region III and Millersville French Club

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  • 2010-2011

    Dr. Elizabeth Thyrum - Examining the Influence of Service Learning Projects on Students' Empathy, Understanding of Illness, & Motivation for Volunteerism

    Dr. Tim Mahoney - Philadelphia Urban Seminar

    Dr. Theresa Russell-Loretz - Engaged scholars Progra

    Robert Eugene Ellis - Course Development Conflict Management and Justice

    Dr. Gregory Dennis Paul - Course Development for Incoming Freshmen on Civil Dialogue, Conflict Management, and Justice

    Dr. Cheryl Desmond - Engaged Scholars Program

    Dr. Kimberly Heilshorn - Manheim Township "Math Day"

    Dr. Victoria Weaver - Partnership with Janus School

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