Campus Members and Affiliates


“The community-based research is what attracted me to CPSSC. I have the opportunity to continue pursuing research, and not just any research, but research that has a direct impact on members of the community around me. CPSSC allows me to give back to the community while learning valuable skills that will be transferable to my career in the future.”

- Katie Shaffer | Graduate Assistant | M.S. Clinical Psychology

“Social work is a profession that utilizes research to improve services and to further the profession, and the center gives me the chance to push myself to explore this skill.”

- Rachel Preibisch | Masters of Social Work

“The Center has helped me grow and develop my research skills, as well as given me the opportunity to give back to the local community. I have the privilege to work with professors, faculty, and fellow students who share the same passion.”

- Helen Schirf | M.S. Clinical Psychology

“I am a graduate student in the School of Social Work. I joined the center to support community research and engagement by attending to the needs of marginalized people in Lancaster.”

- Dawn Watson | Masters of Social Work

“I started my work with the Center with the hope of creating lasting change in my community. I work closely with Ambassadors for Hope, in the pursuit of supporting children with incarcerated parents.”

- Clara Bigony | Sophomore | English | Minor: Journalism and International Studies

“I joined the center because I have a passion for helping people.”

- Lauryn Holland | Junior | Criminology

“Joining the center gave me a way to help people even now as a freshman here at Millersville. I am truly honored to have an opportunity to work with these great people. ”

- Lyndsey Kregel | Sophomore | Sociology and Criminology | Minor: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

“My experience in the Center has been great over the past two years I've been at Millersville! I've met new people through this job, learned different research methods, and learned more about Lancaster community. I'm excited about what the future holds for me through the Center!”

- Lael Marshall | Sophomore | Sociology and International Studies | Minor: Japanese Culture Studies

“I have learned how to collect and analyze data, which helps to depict the world around us with data. Working at the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change has taught me how to work towards meaningful change and help others through research.”

- David Mills IV | Senior | Sociology | Concentration: Criminology | Minor: Spanish Language Studies

“I’m a fix-it person at heart, I’ve always felt that if something wasn’t right, or could be improved then the right thing to do was put the effort and drive into making it the best it could be. The center provided me with an opportunity to put that drive to good use doing research for local partners and helping communities with said research. I’m excited to see how the efforts of the entire team are changing the world and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

- Taryn Nardi | Junior | Psychology and Government, Policy, and Law

“Being a part of CPSSC is a constant learning experience, and it has helped build me for my career outside of college. I've learned about research methods and all the work that happens behind the scenes in the world of social change! I've also gained so much confidence in networking and talking to colleagues.”

- Sarah Qundes

“I joined the center because I wanted to get involved with a club on campus that focused on social change, and it was recommended to me by The Career Center! I am so glad that I joined because the center is making an impact on people’s lives and everyone on the team is motivated to make a difference.”

- Julissa Rodriguez | Senior | Writing Studies | Minor: Sociology

“I have always wanted to make a positive change in the world. When I started college, I wanted to find a group that felt the same way. I love that the research we do will directly impact my community and make a lasting impact. ”

- Catherine Samer | First-year

“I joined CPSSC to further my knowledge and understanding about relevant topics within the community, and to help those in need. The center has given me the opportunity to explore different future career paths through internships which have been amazing and I am truly grateful for! ”

- Alyssa Shank | Senior

“Since joining the center, I have learned more about the research process and what all goes into conducting social research. Along with this I have gained experience with working as a team in a collaborative effort to meet deadlines. In the future I hope to gain experience in presenting research findings.”

- Amy Sheeley | Senior | Psychology | Minor: Sociology

“I joined the center to help the community around Millersville and in Lancaster through research and data collection, and to gain new and important skills that will help me in my future career. Also, the center allows me to meet and work with new people.”

- Madelyn Zielke | Junior