Research Reports


People & Places: Community need and the use of public space in Binns Park, 2023


Family Services Advocate (FSA) Lancaster Program Evaluation, 2022


Hettie's Hope Chest Diaper Program Consultation Report, 2021

Family Services Advocate Lebanon Program Evaluation, 2021

Family Services Advocate (Lancaster) Program Evaluation, 2021

A Program Evaluation of Millersville University Student Police Academy: Improving Diversity in Policing, 2021


Southeast Lancaster Resident Survey Analysis, 2020

A Tale of Two Surveys: The Challenges of Measuring Resident Satisfaction, 2020

Family Services Advocate Program Evaluation, 2020


Housing Development Corporation 2019 Residents Survey Analysis

Housing Development Corporation 2019 Residents Survey Recommendations

Bridging the Gap Together: Utilizing Experiential Pedagogy to Teach Poverty and Empathy, 2019

Road Home Training Initiative: Qualitative Program Evaluation, 2019

An Analysis of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly in Lancaster County, 2019

Family Service Advocate Program Evaluation, 2019


Evaluating an Offender-Victim Reconciliation Program, 2017

Family Services Advocate Program Evaluation, 2017


Southwest Lancaster Resident Survey Analysis, 2016

An Evaluation of the Family Advocate Program: Serving Children with a Parent in Prison, 2016


Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Video Surveillance in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 2015


Panhandling Survey: Pre an Post-test Comparison Report, 2014

Third Street Neighborhood Improvement Program Pre-test Report: Comparison Between Renters and Home Owners, 2014


Perceptions of Quality of Life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 2012


Survey of Student Engagement at Millersville University, 2011