Contact Us

Office Mailing and Phone Information

Millersville University
English Department Office

Chryst Hall Rm 108
P.O. Box 1002
Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Phone: 717-871-7385

Chair and Assistant Chair Contact Information

Chair: Dr. Kim McCollum-Clark 717-871-4280

Assistant Chair: Dr. Justin Mando 717-871-7392

Department Secretary: Ms.  717-871-7384

Department Main Line:  717-871-7385

Grad Studies, Writing Center, Clubs, and GS Carnival

Graduate Studies: Dr. A Nicole Pfannenstiel: 717-871-4282

Writing Area Coordinator/Chryst Writing Center: Dr. Timothy Mayers 717-871-7296

Clubs: Dr. Caleb Corkery 717-871-7387

George Street Carnival: Dr. Caleb Corkery 717-871-7387