Educator of The Year Award


The Educator of the Year Award is given annually to one faculty/staff member in recognition of sustained outstanding teaching to include counseling, mentoring, and advising of the undergraduate.

Educator of the Year

Listen as previous recipients describe their journeys to becoming educators and their passion for teaching.

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Criteria for Educator of the Year

Outstanding teaching and advising comes in many forms and thus it is difficult to list all the characteristics that would be worthy of an award. (The criteria listed here are intended to be suggestions.)

Category 1: Behavioral/Actions

  • Instill intellectual curiosity, a desire to learn, and the importance of life-long learning (e.g., showed how course content is relevant to the life of the student or the local/  global community).  
  • Stimulate learning through teaching, advising and/or counseling, modeling of scholarship; involving students in the learning process; expressing genuine concern for the student as a whole; setting of high standards; enthusiasm and passion for their field and/or subject matter.  
  • Instrumental in guiding student success, excellence and achievement beyond the classroom (e.g., professional service, publications, presentations and competitions as well as creative works or performances, community service and service learning).  
  • Available to students, making them feel welcome and respected (e.g., recognizes and celebrates diversity).  
  • Skillful in encouraging problem-solving techniques by helping students to critically think through issues, solve problems and/or make decisions (e.g., brings in real-world case studies into the lab or classroom).  

Category 2:  Disposition

  • Demonstrates professional behavior, integrated view of life, personal responsibility, integrity, leadership, as well as clear and critical thinking and civic engagement (e.g., holds an officer position for a professional society or community organization).  
  • Demonstrates seriousness about academic excellence and meaningful life experiences (e.g., serves as a mentor for honors thesis students).  

Category 3:  Influence  

  • Instrumental in influencing the way other colleagues teach, advise and/or counsel (e.g., conducts workshops to help improve teaching methods).  
  • Has an effect beyond the Millersville University community (e.g., name is associated with publication of peer-reviewed articles, books, live performances or popular media).   

Award Details

Educators can receive this award no more frequently than once every ten years.

The award will consist of:

  • display of the faculty member's picture on a plaque in a common area
  • a plaque given to the faculty member
  • an honorary seat at the spring graduation ceremony
  • a spotlight article detailing the educator's pedagogical accomplishments
  • a reserved parking spot on campus the following year

The award will be presented to the Educator of the Year at the University Honors and Award ceremony.

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Nomination Form

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