Health Insurance & Fees

Health Insurance & Fees

  • There is no charge to registered MU students to be evaluated by health care providers at Health Services for an illness.
  • There is a minimal charge for some medication, procedures, routine services such as Driver Permit or job physicals, and in-house lab tests. These charges can be paid directly (cash, check, Marauder Gold) or they can be billed to your MU account. Health Services and the Office of Student Accounts is unable to accept any medical insurance for these charges but a coded superbill receipt will be provided that can be submitted for possible reimbursement.
  • Labwork that cannot be performed at Health Services can be sent to  Quest Diagnostic Laboratory, LabCorp, PSP Lab or ACM Laboratory. These labs will bill you or your health insurance company directly for the tests. Payment by private insurance is not guaranteed. Remember that some health insurance plans require a referral from your primary physician to have diagnostic tests covered by insurance. It is the student's responsibility to investigate insurance coverage. The Health Service staff can guide the student but it is important for everyone to be savvy healthcare consumers.
  • It is recommended that the student carry their current insurance card (or a copy of the front and back of the current insurance card) in their wallet. Please remember to update your insurance card information whenever the insurance changes.  ***Any testing or service (lab testing, x-ray, etc) that is being referred outside of Health Services will require a current insurance card to be presented.  This will ensure the proper insurance billing occurs.
  • If you have insurance coverage for prescriptions, written prescriptions can be provided. You may wish to take the time to go to one of our local pharmacies to register your insurance. A list of local pharmacies is available in Health Services. Because some insurance policies have preferred providers for prescriptions, please familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage. Students are given prescriptions for medications not available in Health Services.

School Health Insurance

No specific insurance plan is endorsed by Millersville University Health Services. Whatever insurance plan you participate in does not affect eligibility to use the Health Services.

For information regarding health insurance plans, Millersville University Health Services recommends that you visit the Market Place Website at

University Intercollegiate Sports Insurance

Millersville University maintains a separate policy covering athletes participating in University Intercollegiate Athletic Programs. This policy has a $1,000 deductible and is SECONDARY to private insurance carrier. Claim must be filed with private carrier first. If there are outstanding bills, copies of statements, explanation of benefits from primary carrier and other information need to be copied and sent with a claim form to the insurance. The Athletic Trainer will assist student with claim form.