AHSS “Big Ideas” Process 2018-19


AHSS faculty are invited to create proposals for projects – Big Ideas – that will transform the College and create unique, exciting philanthropic opportunities for current and potential major donors. Through this process, the College will engage in a conversation to create an innovative vision that builds upon our already strong foundation.

To facilitate this initiative, the Dean has appointed the AHSS Big Ideas committee with representatives from each department. The committee invites proposals from faculty, reviews and ranks them, and solicits feedback from the provost, Advancement, and the dean. Once 2 top projects are identified, the Big Ideas Committee will announce them, assist the authors in fully articulating their project plans, and develop a nuanced budget. Then the Advancement Office will use these developed proposals to communicate the College’s Big Ideas effectively to donors, alumni, and friends of the University.

  • Goals & Criteria

    Goals of the Big Ideas Process

    1. Facilitate the development of transformative initiatives that will make a long-term impact on the College;
    2. Generate projects that could appeal to contemporary donors-investors;
    3. Increase faculty involvement in and ensure transparency about fundraising priorities of the College.

    Criteria of a Big Idea

    • It involves internal and/or external partnerships;
    • It proposes a new or expands on an existing initiative;
    • It is well-defined, actionable, and with clear deliverable(s); and
    • If implemented, it will set AHSS and MU as whole apart from other institutions.
  • Proposal & Review Process

    Proposal Submission

    To submit a proposal, faculty teams should fill out the proposal form linked below.


    All Big Ideas proposals will be posted on the AHSS website. The proposals will be reviewed and scored by the AHSS Big Ideas Committee. In consultation with Advancement, the provost, and the dean, the Committee will identify two top projects.

    Committee Membership

    Eric Blazer, Jill Craven, David DiRusso, Dain Estes, Mary Glazier, Mike Gumpper, John McLarnon, Susanne Nimmrichter, David Owen, Debbie Sigel, Rob Spicer, Chuck Ward


    For additional information, please contact your departmental representative on the committee or the Dean’s Office.

  • Proposals

    AHSS faculty submitted 6 proposals with transformative initiatives as part of the Big Ideas process in 2019. On the basis of two of these proposals, a group of faculty worked to create a fund-raising vision for a Music, Entertainment and Video Studio complex in Brooks Hall.

    Brooks Hall Proposal (PDF)