Frederick Douglass Institute

Frederick Douglass Institute Collaborative

Millersville University proudly participates in the PASSHE Frederick Douglass Institute Collaborative. Through the Collaborative, our students get a chance to display what they've learned and to practice their leadership skills. We believe in cultivating the scholar-activist tradition.

  • Douglass Debate Society Winners

    First Place
    Brittney Brown
    Bevan Fields

    Second Place
    Sheriece Smith
    Martwann Alston

    First Place
    Fanta Toure
    Dinah Hayward

    First Place
    Hope Foy
    Dinah Hayward

  • 2019 FDI Annual Research Conference
    East Stroudsburg University, April 9, 2019
    • Panel Presentation on “African American Rhetorical Traditions: How Authenticity Lives on.”
      • Simone LaPorte
      • Bridget Murray
      • Skyler Gibbon
      • Emily Guise
    • Panel presentation on “Hip Hop: Power of a Cultural Movement”
      • Ilya Jones. “The Real Issue Around Violence in Hip Hop”
      • Wendy Li. “Changing Attitudes toward Sexuality in Hip Hop”
      • Krystal Lowery. “Feminism and Authenticity in Hip Hop”
    • Panel on “Invisible Man and Its Legacy”
      • Nya Lewis. “Afrofuturism”
      • Mikia Crawford. “Existentialism”
      • Halle Mosser. “Bildungsroman”

  • 2016 FDI Annual Research Conference
    Millersville University, April 21, 2016
    • “Insights Into and Relevance of Ellison’s Invisible Man.” This panel explores various critical perspectives on the Ralph Ellison’s classic from 1952, then applies those insights to our current day.
      • Nathan Warren
      • Kelly Sweinhart
      • Olivia Sieg
      • Kimberlie Golden