Dan Good '06 - Speech Communication

Dan Good '06 - Speech Communication

An accomplished journalist and the homepage editor at New York Daily News, Dan Good graduated from Millersville in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication, with a Broadcasting option. Over the course of his career, Good has interviewed numerous sports figures, including former NFL running backs Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. Additionally, he has covered major political news headlines for the past ten years. During Good’s time at Millersville, he worked as the editor-in-chief of the Snapper, the school newspaper, in which he was able to report on John Miller, the founder of Millersville. Good credits Millersville with his development of writing abilities and social skills. “Millersville shaped my life and career,” said Good, and it “helped set the path for the successes I’ve had since graduating.”


What made you decide to come to Millersville University?
I initially went to Penn State, but my parents wanted me to be closer to home, so I landed at Millersville; and it turned out to be the best thing for me.

What was one of your biggest accomplishments during your time at Millersville?
I was proud of the work we did at the Snapper. When I was there, I started as a sports writer and became a sports editor, and eventually editor-in-chief for one semester. I was proud of the level of commitment and what we were able to report, specifically internal investigation. I was able to report on John Miller, the founder of Millersville, who had drifted into obscurity after he passed away. I tried to piece together his life and his impact. This helped me establish myself as a reporter and a journalist.

Were you involved in any other organizations on campus?
Yes. I did MUTV for a while and made a lot of friends. I participated mainly in sports broadcasting. Many of people from my group went on to be successful in other media outlets. 

How did your experience with student media help you prepare for your career in journalism?
It helped me understand the power of words and reporting, as well as being a voice to the voiceless. Experiencing some pitfalls and difficulties helped me develop my writing abilities. Long-term pieces at Millersville were a first for me. Additionally, the energy of the newsroom was so much fun. Everyone was so poised to be involved in these things even if it was for free. As your career unfolds, you look at journalism differently; the enthusiasm doesn’t go away but it changes. I loved the success we had at the Snapper.

Overall, how did Millersville get you to where you are today?
Millersville shaped my life and career. It was special for me to learn some humility and to really focus on what mattered. The slogan at the time was “Find Your Future Here.” I felt that I could use that to figure out where I wanted to go. Learning management experience was great for me, as well as knowing how to work with people and have them get along in a group. Millersville helped set the path for the successes I’ve had since graduating.

Why should students come to Millersville to study Communication?
The Communication & Theatre program offers students the opportunity to do so much. It was nice being able to get involved with everything and be as involved as I wished, rather than being quarantined within parameters. There are so many ways to approach media, but it’s about making people care. It was important to learn that and test ways to find that voice. It’s a great campus environment that lets you have fun and focus on anything you want to. I even took an acting class, which helped me be more comfortable in front of a crowd. Millersville has helped in both obvious ways, like editing and writing, and the subtler ways of understanding communication and being a better news consumer.