The Spot Request Form

The SMC digital signage, also known as “The Spot,” is primarily intended to display and advertise promotions that inform the greater Marauder community of events and activities scheduled within the SMC or spaces managed by the SMC/Campus Recreation (includes the Promenade, Ville Courts, the Quad) or promote campus-wide events sponsored by those departments that reside within the SMC.  Only student organizations and campus departments can promote on the Spot.

Current locations of the SMC digital signage monitors include:

  • SMC Information Desk
  • SMC MPR Lobby
  • University Store Lobby
  • SMC 24 Lobby
  • Ville Courts Lobby
  • South, West, East Villages

Requests should be submitted at least 7 days in advance of the first date to advertise.

Click HERE to review the Spot Guidelines (PDF)

The Spot Monitor

SPOT Ad Submission

SPOT Ad Submission

  • I am a:
    I am a:
  • Has this event been approved in Get Involved?
    Has this event been approved in Get Involved?
  • Is this event open to all students?
    Is this event open to all students?
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  • Please use your Millersville email address so that we can verify your affiliation with the University.

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    Full Screen Ads: 1920 X 1080 pixels (TEMPLATES: JPG, GIF, or PNG)

    For optimum viewing, text should be font size 18 or larger. Content should be “snack size” content. Too much text is too much text. Communicate with visuals. This is not a brochure, this is an enticement, an emotional plea to get the consumer to request more information or make that purchase. Do not try and tell them everything. Entice them to ask for more.