Apply to Become a Tutor

Apply to Become a Tutor

Information for Prospective Tutors

Please Note: Beginning in Spring 2015, prospective tutors who have never worked for the Tutoring Center or anywhere at Millersville University are required by Student Payroll to obtain background clearances in order to work with fellow students. Background clearance information may be obtained by going to . On the left, click on Payroll Services.  Then click on Student Payroll Services. In the area with the blue $, click on Background Clearance Instructions.  Click on "Open With." The instructions are detailed and will be the most current available.

Prospective tutors are required to contact the Office of Learning Services at to obtain a completed Request to Hire Form and a copy of eligibility documents to take to Student Payroll. Once prospective tutors have proof they have been placed on student payroll, they should contact the Office of Learning Services with that proof after which they can be hired as tutors. Again, this only applies to new hires.

Please Note: Beginning Fall 2014, all tutors will be required to take an online Sexual Harassment Tutorial and print out a certification of completion prior to tutoring. This is a university mandate for all employees including student workers. The online tutorial can be accessed at: Once you have completed your online training, please print out a copy for the Tutoring Center and submit with your application to become a tutor. Please keep a copy for your records. Tutors will not be permitted to tutor without proof of completion and certification and there will be no exceptions.

Please Note: Beginning Fall 2014, all new tutors/those who have never tutored for the MU Tutoring Center will be expected to review procedures, responsibilities, payroll reporting and given an opportunity to ask questions. Tutors who have tutored 25 or more hours for the MU Tutoring Center will be required to attend Level 1 Tutor Training. Tutors are paid for the training.

Tutor Procedures and Responsibilities


Tutor Employment Application General Information Page

Applications to be a Tutor must be submitted for Fall 2020.
You must complete the form to be a tutor.
You may also scan and send the applications by e-mail to, but you must provide a copy of your DARS to verify your grades. Prospective tutors should contact the Office of Learning Services to initiate the payroll process if they have never worked on campus before. Please contact with your application.