Tutoring Schedules

Fall 2023 Drop-in Group Tutoring Schedules:

The Tutoring Center, located at 355 Lyle Hall, offers individual and drop-in group tutoring. Tutoring is available free of charge to any current Millersville University student.

Students may apply for individual tutoring by submitting an online application at https://www.millersville.edu/tutoringcenter/apply-to-get-a-tutor.php.

For questions, please contact the Tutoring Center at Tutoring.Center@millersville.edu or the  Office of Learning Services at Learning.Services@millersville.edu. 

Drop-in group tutoring occurs based on tutor availability. Please scroll down for these schedules and times. 

Limited tutoring is offered during the Summer. 

Individual tutoring may occur face-to-face,  through Skype, Zoom or other technology, which may be arranged between tutors and tutees.

Group tutoring may become available based on student requests. Please check back for updates or to get a tutor, contact the Tutoring Center at https://www.millersville.edu/tutoringcenter/apply-to-get-a-tutor.php.

the following departments provide Their own tutoring:

Biology - Biology Academic Support - Fall 2023, Business, Chemistry, computer sciences, geography; earth sciences, Economics, Physics and Other departments. Please contact departments directly. 


Departments providing their own tutoring     


MATH (students registered with Learning services only may apply directly with the Tutoring center)    

Non-Learning Services students should go the Math Asssitance Center (MAC).                              

N/A - Check back for Tutor Assignments

Library Tutoring

Library tutoring will be face-to-face during Fall 2023. Tutoring will focus on 100 level entry courses and a limited number of upper level courses (available to all students). 

Tutor Hours are as follows:

Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 6 - 9 PM, McNairy 117

Mondays:  COMM 100 - Leah W./6-9 PM, McNairy 117 



No sessioins will be held unless a tutor is listed.

N/A - No available tutor - Check back often - tutors are added every day!

Students who need additional assistance may want to check out online resources such as: http://www.chegg.com/homework-help to use their free online resources. Students may also want to check out the link on our website "Tutorial Links for a Variety of Subjects" located in the navigation panel under Quick Links http://www.khake.com/page67.html

To become a tutor, complete a tutor application at Become a Tutor

For questions, please contact the Tutoring Center at

Tutoring.Center@millersville.edu or by calling 717/871-7222.