Apply to Get a Tutor

Apply to Get a Tutor

Information for Tutees

The following forms provide information on the Tutoring Centers procedures to request a tutor. Please be sure to read the Tutee Procedures and Responsibilities that outline our process of assigning tutors. The General Information Form and Class Information Page should be completed and submitted to the Tutoring Center. 

Tutee Procedures and Responsibilities (pdf)

Tutee Request Form General Information Page

Students can expedite their requests for tutors by completing the General Information and Class Information forms prior to contacting the Tutoring Center. Both forms must be completed to get a tutor. Forms are also available on site. Requests for tutors can be made by submitting the online forms, in person or students may scan and e-mail their application to You are always welcome to stop by the Tutoring Center at 355 Lyle Hall to request a tutor. Call us with questions at 717-871-7222.