Welcome to the Millersville University Archaeology Homepage. The Archaeology program at Millersville University is dedicated to providing our students with exceptional, hands-on training for a successful career in archaeology.   Unlike most programs, at Millersville our undergraduate students fulfill roles usually reserved for students at the MA level, and our undergraduates conduct all major facets of archaeological fieldwork and laboratory analysis to complement our extensive classroom instruction.  Our archaeological laboratory and artifact storage facility allows access for research and student projects to the artifact assemblages from over 20 major excavations. 

Our research includes both local and international excavations.  In Pennsylvania, we work to understand and reveal the role that Lancaster County and Colonial Pennsylvania played in the context of the larger colonial Atlantic World by way of ethical archaeological excavation, historical analysis and documentary research. Our Atlantic World goals include illuminating the lives of the ordinary peoples across time and space, linking people, areas, cultures, and economies into a single research framework, and exploring these themes through archaeological and historical research.