Field School

About the Field School

Archaeologists using a brush to expose a bottle broken insitu at the Elizabeth Furnace Plantation Site.

The Archaeological Field School is offered by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Millersville University. It consists of two related, 3-credit courses that will acquaint students with the professional techniques of field archaeology and laboratory analysis of artifacts. The field and lab experience is requisite for graduating with a degree concentration in Archaeology within the Anthropology major at Millersville.

In order to take the field school, you must be a Millersville University student or a student at another accredited institution, and have completed prerequisite courses of either Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 123) or Historical Archaeology (ANTH 233) or their equivalents at another school. The course is open to all majors within the limits of class enrollment, though Anthropology Majors concentrating on the Archaeology option are given priority.

women working in archaeology lab