I remember, as a shadow/ I remember, as the reservoir

Lauren Daddezio

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 10/23 - 11/12.2021

Reception ι  10/26.2021 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm 
Artist Talk ι  6:00 pm

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About the Exhibition ...

“I remember, as a shadow/I remember, as the reservoir” stands in memorium of the past, the fleeting present, and the longing of future. A collection of scattered moments in time and emotion through acts of conviction; holistic documentation by way of the solitude of caretaking. Spanning a variety of mediums, interpretations and processing of reflected memory are translated through the subtle physicality of markmaking and material interaction.

About the Artist ...

As a working artist in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Daddezio develops color fields of atmosphere through the composition of line, shape, and hue. These non-objective landscapes pull from philosophies of healing, zen tranquility, repetitious practice, and the observed comparison of deterioration, entropy, adaptation, and progression. These themes are channeled through a perspective of land and space, departing from the separation of oneself to the land surrounding as it relates to self, time, and memory. Primarily expressing experiences through process-based making, Daddezio creates with oil paint and non-traditional natural mediums, such as pigments created from various soils, clays, and hand-processed natural dyes, with substrates, such as stones and cement, pulled from specific locations related to the content or identity of the body of work. Daddezio is earning a B.F.A. with a minor equivalency in Art History and is due to graduate from Millersville University fall of 2021.