Wonders of Nature, and Stories

Nathan Kuhns

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 10/1 - 10/22.2021

Reception ι  10/6.2022 from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Artist Talk ι  5:00 pm

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About the Exhibition ...

I am inspired by the natural world which feeds my imagination and spurs my work. Creating sculptures out of many materials is my sustained working method. This exhibition includes work inspired by man’s relationship to animals in terms fear, respect, and reverence.

About the Artist ...

Born and raised in Lancaster Pennsylvania. At a young age he showed a love for the outdoors and animals, stories and learning history, but also showed a great interest for making things. Since his youth, he has created many sculptures from life and stories. At the age of seven he was taken in by local artists where he was taught ceramics. These lessons continued through high school, he worked along-side other artists in the studio further his passion for passion making.  Currently attending Millersville University, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics and sculpture. His other interests include reading science fiction and fantasy novels, cultural studies, cryptozoological and folklore studies, critiquing B movies, cosplaying and building props, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and outdoor activities like camping.