Dream Worlds Installation

Ciel Sillage Ι husband and wife duo Helena Protopapas & Wyatt Dranchek

Ciel Sillage will be collaborating with MU's Artist in Residence Justine Ditto.

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 10/15 - 10/19.2018

10/19.2018 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Note: 11/15 - 11/18 - installation w/out video projections

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About the Exhibition ...

An immersive Installation incorporating 360 degree video projections, light installations, hanging sculptures, and violin soundscapes. You are welcome to come and paint, sketch, or dance. This exhibition is open to audience interaction. 

About the Artists ...

Ciel Sillage (husband and wife duo Helena Protopapas and Wyatt Dranchek) is a collective creating multi-sensory immersive installations Synthesizing dance, visuals, and cinematic soundscapes.

Individually and collectively, Ciel Sillage sources much of their creative nourishment through extensive travel and life internationally. 

Through the inspirations of guiding in the Canadian wilderness, travels in Morocco, Scandinavia, Africa, Southern Europe, and life on the northwestern coast of Japan, Ciel Sillage creates an array of multi-sensory installations and immersive performances that draw upon all of these diverse experiences and more. 

For more information check out our website www.cielsillage.com and Facebook/Instagram.

Justine Ditto, originally from Houston, TX received a Bachelor's degree and a Certificate in Printmaking from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Since graduating her time has been spent making artwork, teaching printmaking, freelancing as a designer and printer, and collaborating in an artist collective.  In addition to curating and installing exhibits at the Spillway Collective, she creates a variety of multimedia works based in drawing, lithography, and screen printing which often transgress into three-dimensional forms and installation.

Recently she has completed the Screen Printing Apprenticeship at the Fabric Workshop Museum and has begun the Emerging Artist in Residency program in Printmaking at Millersville University.