"I've Accidentally Tattooed My Fingers!" and Other Anecdotes'

Jonathan Leicht

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 3/06 - 3/18.2021

  3/12.2021 @ 5:00 pm EST

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About the Exhibition ...

"I've Accidentally Tattooed my Fingers!" and Other Anecdotes', is a collection of photographs taken to help explore identity, sexuality, race, and gender. The work explores the power dynamics traditionally observed in portraiture, namely that the photographer has the power over posing and presentation, and flips it to preserve the sitters' sense of ownership over themselves.

About the Artist ...

Jonathan Leicht is a photographer living and working in Lancaster, PA. His notable work includes art that is both self-advocative and perfunctory in nature for both himself and his sitters, working through themes like identity, mental health, and perception of the self. His work has been featured in group shows in the Susquehanna Museum of Art, as well as the Swift Gallery under the Beyond Making class of Spring 2020. Some of the more prominent influences on his work include artists like David Lebe, Richard Avedon, Claude Cahun, Egon Schiele, and many more including musical artists like Talking Heads, and Neutral Milk Hotel. These elements coalesce into the work that Jonathan makes, amplifying the voices for those whose voices aren't always heard. 

View my work on: Jonathan (@film.reel.developed) on www.instagram.com or 
Jonathan Leicht - Photographer in Lancaster, PA at www.jwleicht.portfoliobox.net.