Rachel Canigiani

VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 1/27 - 2/7.2021


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About the Exhibition ...

Mycology, which is the study of mushrooms, provided a framework for developing this body of work. Mushrooms have 72 recorded genders and there are 6,721 unique types of “little brown mushrooms,” which are visibly indistinguishable from each other, so mycologists rely on taking an image of the underside of a mushroom’s cap, called a spore print, in order to identify its species. This spore print reveals the true identity of the mushroom, without needing to make assumptions about its outward appearance to do so. In order to develop a sense of confidence and comfort in discussing sensitive, personal topics, Rachel employs a personal symbol in the likeness of these spore prints. This symbol is superimposed with the artist’s head to represent the way she sees herself and to remove her physically defining features as she works through topics involving self-discovery and identity in her artwork.

About the Artist ...

Rachel Canigiani is a Lancaster based printmaker who will earn her B.F.A., with a minor in chemistry and a minor equivalency in art history, from Millersville University in Spring 2021. Rachel discovered printmaking in 2018 through her coursework, and since then, largely as a result of developing a home studio practice, has found a love for screen printing, making cyanotypes, and digital art due to their accessibility. Her interests in mycology, which is the study of mushrooms, and organic chemistry, both influence her making process and content, which explores her relationship with and discovery of her identity. After graduating, Rachel plans to attend graduate school and pursue her interests in art restoration and conservation.