Emerging Artist In Residence


VIEW THE EXHIBITION Ι 2/28 - 3/24.2022


Reception ι 2/28.2022
Time ι 5:30-7:00 pm
Gallery Talk ι 6:00 pm

Gallery Hours ι  Standard business hours for Swift Gallery are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Hours are subject to vary in accordance with University established holidays (below) and the reception, gallery talk/s or awards ceremony.

Gail Bower-Geist ι  Fine Art Metals 

Gail Bower Geist - metalsABOUT THE EXHIBITION ... My Fine Art Metal jewelry and small sculpture creations will be are conceptual representations of a type of figurative language which we call, "idioms".  I have always found idioms to be rather humorous, in that they represent a different meaning than what they literally say.  There are interesting stories behind the origination of these phrases which often include life lessons and values to live by.  Many of these sayings are still relevant in today’s culture, even though some of them are phrases whose usage began in ancient times.

ABOUT THE ARTIST... Originally from Williamsport, Pa., Lancaster County became my permanent home following graduation from Millersville State College. While employed in the field of Social Work, I also worked part-time in the restaurant business. This led to the opportunity to buy a restaurant, which my husband and I owned, and ran, for 23 years. Following the sale of our business, I became employed at Millersville University in Dining Services. This employment enabled me to attend classes at the university.  I found my voice in the medium of Fine Art Metals, and received a second bachelor's degree, in Art, in May of 2020.

Jordan Alexzandra Yates ι  Ceramics 

Jordan Yates - ceramic vaseABOUT THE EXHIBITION ... Foundation highlights the aspects of life that aid in personality, culture, and expression. Visitors are guided through a timeline of illustrations and sculptures that are connected to shared experiences found among multiple perspectives. Common themes include femininity, family, identity, and love.

ABOUT THE ARTIST... Jordan Alexzandra Yates (b. 1998) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Lansdowne, PA who is currently working with clay as her primary medium. Throughout her time as a student at Millersville University, she worked as a studio technician in the ceramics studio, was the Slip & Score Society president, and tutored wheel-throwing students.

Graduating from Millersville University with a BA in Psychology in 2020, Yates has found herself longing for a deeper connection within the arts. She has spent her time after graduation completing production work for brands such as West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Faire. She has recently relocated to Lancaster to accept a Behavioral Health Technician position and continues to balance production work. Her work places value on connection, simplicity, playfulness, and memories. Yates is not only in love with the plasticity and physical matter of the medium but with the cultural aspect of which it connects all cultures. Yates plans to attend graduate school to become an Art Therapist and to open a ceramic studio to continue her practice.