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Breidenstine Hall • Virtual Gallery

The Virtual Gallery made its presence in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic plaguing the world during uncertain times.  It rapidly transformed MU's from its predominantly face-to-face synchronous structure to an online asynchronous format, almost overnight.  As we didn't want to deprive our students of their culminating BFA or classroom exhibit, students transformed their works from a live presentation to one that you can view online or visit outside.

The events posted on our Virtual Gallery page are those that would have been held either in our third-floor gallery, Swift, or downtown Lancaster, in the Ware Center. 

We, the faculty and staff of Art & Design at Millersville University, will proudly continue to present the works of our students in the safest way possible while closely following government and state mandates.

Exhibition Schedule ι 2020 - 2021

Fall 2020 - Fall 2021