Fraternities and sororities are the largest, most visible and most active values-based organizations on college campuses. We all share a common code of friendship, service, academic success, and leadership development. Every fraternity and sorority is guided by founding principles and values that serve as a moral beacon for its members.


Greek Life at Millersville offers students many opportunities and supports the development of academic goals and achievement. Greeks on campus work diligently to maintain a high level of scholarship.

Each of the chapters on campus receive academic information each semester, which is then used to set goals for the chapter and assist individual members. Many chapters provide and encourage the use of academic resources such as tutors and on-campus programs to maintain an emphasis on time management and scholarship. In many cases, chapters encourage new and active members to attend weekly study sessions.

Each chapter's academic requirements differ. However, all chapters have a common standard that all members must obtain both to join and to continue membership. Academic success is rewarded within chapters by national and local scholarships, banquets, and other rewards. Students who have achieved a minimum 2.3 GPA and 12 college credits are eligible to join a fraternity or sorority. Many of the chapters on campus, however, have a higher GPA requirement.

Greek Life supports the development of high academic standards among Millersville fraternities and sororities.   


Leadership has and always will be a valued Greek characteristic. It is increasingly important to college students as they attempt to enter the work force. Employers desire individuals who communicate well, are organized, and inspire others.

Millersville University offers countless opportunities for leadership, many of which are available in the Greek community. Students can hold positions in individual chapters as committee members, chairs, and officers. Each of these positions allows students to develop leadership skills like delegation, goal-setting, and interacting with others on-campus. Members are also able to hold council offices, which govern their organizations. With so many avenues for leadership, students are presented with great opportunities that can have a significant impact on their future success. They continually work to positively influence the entire Millersville campus. 


Teamwork is a very important part of a college education. Learning how to work with others and give of yourself are qualities found in the best leaders. The commitment found in the Greek community at Millersville can be seen in the enthusiasm gained from giving back to their campus and community through philanthropic projects.

No other university entity consistently dedicates more resources to charitable causes than Millersville's Greek community. Most fraternities and sororities have a philanthropy that they serve on a continuous basis. Students volunteer their time to raise awareness and funds for a variety of national and local issues.

Millersville Greek students are dedicated to service. From volunteering across Lancaster county to giving blood and raising money for charity, Greek organizations work together to help local and national charitable causes. These activities give Greek members a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing that they are able to make a difference in their communities.