Forming a New Student Organization

Guidelines to Form A New Student Organization

The Student Government Association oversees the process to form a new student organization at Millersville University. Click here to download a description of their process. Once you have your required materials compiled you may submit the Request to Form New Student Organization on Get involved. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email the SGA Director of Organizations at

Below you will find the basic steps you must take before submitting your request. 

  • Exclusivity and Duplication


    1. Organizations that exclude any student population are prohibited.
    2. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs and activities at the University unless such programs and activities are specifically exempt from the law.  Considering Title IX, organizations that prohibit membership based on sex are prohibited from seeking temporary or permanent status.  Organizations that can provide proof of exemption will be considered. The criteria are as follows:
      a. The organization must have tax-exempt status under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code;
      b. Members must be limited to students, staff or faculty at Millersville University
      c. The organization must be a "social fraternity" as defined by the Department of Education.
    3. The Department of Education defines a "social fraternity" as a group that can answer "no" to all the following questions:
    • Is the organization's membership limited to persons pursuing or having interest in a particular field of study, profession or academic discipline?
    • Is the membership limited to individuals who have a high level of achievement in scholarship or any other endeavor?
    • Are the members permitted to hold membership in other fraternities or sororities at the university?

    If a group answers "yes" to any of the questions, it is not a "social fraternity" and is not exempt from the requirements of Title IX. Therefore, the organization must accept members of both sexes. Questions regarding this policy can be directed to staff in the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership. 

    Duplication- Organizations that have the same constitutional purpose as other recognized organizations will not be considered for temporary status


    An organization must have at least 3 members to be considered for temporary status and at least 5 members to be considered for permanent status.

    The positions of President and Treasurer cannot be filled by the same person. Other positions can be created as necessary.

    • Organizations that exclude any student population are prohibited
    • Members must be limited to students, staff or faculty at Millersville University

    Organizations must have a constitution and submit it with their paperwork for temporary status. The constitution must include:

    1. The Name the organization will be called ____________________________
    2. The purpose of the organization
      • The primary function and goals of the organization
      • How these goals will support all the students of Millersville
      • What will students gain from membership in the organization
    3. A list of officers and their duties
    4. Membership information, such as who can join and any requirements
    5. Elections information, i.e. how officers are elected
    6. The below language must also be included in the constitution:
      • “All amendments to this Constitution shall not be valid until approved by the Constitution Committee and the Student Government Association.”
      • “If this organization is dissolved, any money remaining in its allocated account shall be forfeited to the Student Government Association, after any outstanding bills are paid.”

    A petition must be filled out and include the following:

    1. Petition form- with organization information
    2. Advisor letter of support- from a faculty or staff member or professor
    3. Support Form (This must be scanned, it cannot be word processed. You will upload the document to the Get Involved form.)
    4. Signatures- you must have 25 signatures of support from the student body

    *Social Greek-letter organizations must receive written approval from the appropriate Greek governing council (IFC, NPHC, or PHC) and the Department of Campus Life prior to submission of the Petition for Recognition of a New Student Organization



    After collecting all of your materials and signatures, you may submit a Request to form a New Student Organization with the Student Government Association.

    The Director of Organizations will contact the organization representatives after reviewing the Request to form a New Student Organization to schedule a Recognition Review with the Constitution Committee. 


    In order to be able to use the University facilities and resources for organizational purposes, the club/organization must register with the Campus Life office within 3 weeks after receiving SGA recognition. Registration is done on Get Involved.

    The organization must annually complete the Activate Your Org process which includes submitting an officer list with the Department of Campus Life.  The Activate Your Org process opens in April and closes in September annually.  All changes to an organization’s constitution or name must be reviewed and approved by the Constitution Committee and SGA.  Any changes in officers or contact information must also be submitted via email to Campus Life for their records.


    Once you are approved for temporary status, you will receive a Temporary Status Memo via email. Hold onto that memo for your records. After one year of temporary status, the organization may contact the Director of Organizations ( stating that they believe they are ready for permanent status.  The Director will send a review form to be completed by the organization.