Ubuntu Leaders Fellows Program



The Ubuntu Fellows Program strives to promote global citizenship by raising awareness around social issues and enhancing advocacy skills in order to foster social justice. One of the main goals of the Ubuntu Fellowship Program is to educate undergraduate students on relevant global social issues and provide skills and tools to promote positive social change. We are dedicated to the interrogation of global social issues that violate or compromise individuals’ ability to live with the freedoms and protections to which they are entitled.



  • Participate in monthly training series and annual conferences
  • Engage in professional development, leadership, and advocacy opportunities
  • Develop goals and implement research projects through faculty or staff mentoring  
  • Receive networking opportunities with other professionals in the community
  • Explore educational opportunities such as online webinars, documentaries, and dialogue series’
  • Examine relevant social issues through discussions (Courageous Conversations)
  • Outline relevant themes and values through book talks
  • Foster global citizenship through study abroad opportunities
  • Awarded academic stipend

Social Justice Research Project

Students will be expected to construct a research project of their choosing, outlining goals that can be accomplished with the help of their mentor. Examples include topics such as youth violence, poverty, human trafficking, violence against women and children, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Interested applicants can submit a research proposal on any topic that interests them as long as it falls under the category of a pertinent social issue in our society today. This topic should relate back to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations General Assembly, designed to achieve “a better and more sustainable future for all” (The 17 Goals | Sustainable Development).

Criteria for Application

  • 3-5 page essay outlining why you are interested in becoming a Ubuntu Leader Fellow.
  • Individual expectations and goals upon completion of the program, including areas of interest
  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation - 1 professional and 1 academic
  • Identification of potential Millersville University and/or community mentors


  • Attend monthly educational meetings on leadership, advocacy, and social change
  • Maintain reflective journal to further understanding of content
  • Meet regularly with faculty, staff, or professional mentor to strategize ways to accomplish project
  • Develop and implement social justice project and community impact
  • Attend minimum of two Learning Institute events per semester
  • Presentation of research or community-based project at annual conference
  • End of program ceremony/reflection
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Adhere to MU’s Code of Conduct and EPPIIC Values

Information Sessions

Information sessions will be held to explain and discuss the program’s mission and values on a deeper level, as well as the educational opportunities provided through the fellowship. In addition, criteria for the application process will be discussed, along with overall fellowship requirements.


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To apply submit application items by May 7th to Dr. Karen Rice at Learninginstitute@millersville.edu