Greetings from Union Presidents


Greetings Millersville Community,   

As we embark on a new school year, we at Local 2421 would like to welcome everyone back. The various functions that our members perform are a combination of clerical, dining, housekeeping and facilities. We strive daily to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe, facilities clean, and provide many dining opportunities. Clerical staff assist in many ways to keep all of our departments running smoothly.

We also like to attend sporting, theater and musical events. Our interactions with students, as well as the campus community, make Millersville University a great place to be part of. 

As we embrace this new academic year we encourage everyone to enjoy, participate, and most importantly, love one another and be safe!

Dave Schober, Jr. | President, Local 2421


Dear students, colleagues, and friends – welcome/back!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the class of 2027 to our beautiful campus and to welcome back our returning students, passionate faculty, dedicated administrators, and caring staff.  On behalf of the Millersville chapter of APSCUF, the faculty union, I extend a warm welcome to all y’all.

As you’ve no doubt observed, our campus is a gem in the PASSHE system and I hope you are enjoying your first weeks here.  Faculty are excited to be on campus among new and returning students, teaching the subjects we love and creating a supportive community with our friends and colleagues. We wish you an enriching and rewarding academic year.

In solidarity and with warmest regards,

Robyn Lily Davis, Ph.D. | President, APSCUF-MU


Welcome back MU and Welcome Class of 2027!

We hope everyone is rested and had a great summer. The class of 2027 is beginning a new journey and returning classes continue to strive forward, there will be challenges. Do not be daunted by these challenges, embrace them and use them to grow. The Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) represent the police and security first line leadership on campus. We want you to be safe, have a good time, and most importantly get an excellent education while you are here. Millersville University has a great safety record, let's work together and maintain a safe community for everyone.  Welcome back!

Sergeant Jason Flood | President, SPFPA


Greetings to the University Community,

The State College and University Professional Association (SCUPA) at Millersville University extends a warm and hearty welcome to new and returning students, staff, and faculty. We foresee this year as a year of interesting parallels in challenge, opportunity, and change locally on our campus, regionally and nationally throughout our state and nation, and globally throughout our world. This year will see the challenge of the shifting tides in contract negotiations locally while regionally and nationally we see the challenge of shifting tides in education, politics, and public affairs. Globally, we will see the continued impact of environmental adjustments and changing political climates. All these challenges will have a lasting impact locally, regionally, and nationally. In this season of challenge, we will also appreciate and embrace the opportunity for growth, the forwarding of vision and the forging of brave, inclusive and innovative changes that will define our future.

SCUPA-MU is proud to continue to support, nurture, and encourage the academic and personal growth and development of our students. We believe a collaborative effort of persistence and determination to succeed by students, dedication and commitment to University EPPIIC values, vision, mission and strategic directions by staff, faculty and administration, and a balanced blend of respect and cooperation from all will be the key elements for achieving and sustaining student success and prosperity for the future of our campus community. We remain dedicated to that noble effort.

SCUPA- MU wishes the Campus Community a happy, safe, and prosperous academic year.

Rita M. Miller | President, SCUPA-MU


The members of the Office of Professional Employees and International Union (OPEIU) would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students, faculty, and staff for the 2023-2024 academic year.

It is our mission to provide quality health care to Millersville University students, to support and maintain their physical and emotional health as they embrace the educational and social opportunities provided by the university to achieve their academic goals.

We look forward to working together with the campus community to promote health and wellness through healthy lifestyle choices to create a positive learning environment for all.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and successful academic year.

Seth Goldstein | President, OP-Local 153