Greetings from Union Presidents


Greetings Millersville Community,   

As we start the fall semester, we at AFSCME Local 2421 welcome the students back, as well as faculty and staff.

Our constantly changing country and world has presented us with challenges. Some are things we have always encountered, but some are new and increasingly disturbing.

Our members at local 2421 have always strived to emphasize the value of teamwork. We are committed to a clean and safe campus. But more importantly during these trying times, is understanding and compassion for each other. When we work together, no issue or problem is insurmountable.

Once again, welcome back and let's all have a great year.

Dave Schober, Jr. | President, Local 2421


Dear colleagues, students, and friends…

On behalf of the Millersville chapter of APSCUF, I’d like to welcome faculty, students, staff, and administrators to the beginning of a new academic year. I’d like to extend a particularly warm welcome to those of you who are new to our campus, especially the incoming MU Class of 2026(!).

While we are still learning to live with COVID—and now monkeypox, because why not? — we are grateful and excited to be returning to campus under the best circumstances in over two years. Faculty are looking forward to seeing old students, meeting new students, and re-establishing a strong sense of community with our friends and colleagues.

We wish everyone a safe, successful, and fulfilling year.

In friendship and solidarity,

Kelly M. Banna, Ph.D | President, APSCUF-MU


Greetings to the University Community,

The State College and University Professional Association (SCUPA) at Millersville University welcomes new and returning students, staff, and faculty. As we embark upon another year in the educational mission of the University, confronting the sometimes harsh realities of an economy in flux, the challenges of a pandemic that continues to leave an indelible footprint upon the world, and the growing needs of our campus and local community, we move forward in confidence and with faith that together we will sustain, rise and continue to promote learning as the pathway to our greater future. We embrace 2022-23 as a continued opportunity for leadership and collaboration.

SCUPA-MU is proud to continue to support, nurture, and encourage the academic and personal growth and development of our students. We believe a collaborative effort of persistence and determination to succeed by students, dedication and commitment to University EPPIIC values, vision, mission and strategic directions by staff, faculty and administration, and a balanced blend of respect and cooperation from all will be the key elements for achieving and sustaining student success and prosperity for the future of our campus community. We remain dedicated to that noble effort.

SCUPA- MU wishes the Campus Community a happy, safe and prosperous academic year.

Rita M. Miller | President, SCUPA-MU


The members of the Office of Professional Employees and International Union (OPEIU) in the Health Services at Millersville University would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students, faculty, and staff for the 2022-23 academic year.

It is our mission to provide quality health care to Millersville University students to support their physical and emotional health as they embrace the educational and social opportunities provided by this great university.

Through the past few challenging years, we are proud to say that our Health Service members have stood on the frontline to protect our MU community. Now we need your support to protect our Health Service which is facing potential outsourcing. We believe that it is critical that our staff remain part of the Millersville community as employees to continue to provide the quality, low-cost services that all students deserve.

We look forward to working together with the campus community to promote health and wellness through healthy lifestyle choices to create a positive learning environment for all.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and successful academic year.

Seth Goldstein | Senior Business Representative, OPEIU Local 153