Remarks from Union Presidents



Welcome back to campus. Every year presents challenges, but this year even more so. In facilities, we have been following all of the CDC guidelines since March. Workers in our local encourage everyone to also follow these guidelines to ensure safety for all. Together, we can continue the educational process.

Our world looks much different than a year ago, but we will continue to provide the same level of service during these difficult times. Team work will get things done. Hang in there, and have a good academic year.

Dave Schober
President, AFSCME local 2421


Greetings to the University Community,

On behalf of all the members of the Millersville chapter of APSCUF, I wish to welcome everyone to not only a new academic year, but a year that will be the most unique since 1918.

Two years ago, we welcomed a new President, Daniel Wubah, and a new Chancellor, Daniel Greenstein. The union and the State System were in the final phases of what proved to be very satisfactory contract negotiations and everyone was looking forward to a new school year and a new and exciting chapter in Millersville’s long history of academic excellence and student success.

We begin this year with a very different and most unwelcome visitor in our midst: the lethal coronavirus. It made its appearance at the beginning of 2020 and we watched as the numbers of infections and deaths in the Commonwealth mounted. By March, much of the social and retail-based economic life of the greater Lancaster area had come to a halt.

At the university, the same group of forward-thinking administrators, dedicated faculty and hard-working staff members came together in a remarkable display of collegiality and shared governance to ensure the educational process was interrupted as little as possible. Committees and task forces were created or enlarged, protocols were developed, classes were moved online and office work was performed from home. “Zoom” became both a verb, a noun and the shorthand for our new reality.

We are still in the grip of the pandemic. Reasonable estimates are that a vaccine will not be in wide distribution until sometime in 2021. But we continue to survive, to function, to thrive. So welcome back. And to the new members of our university community, a special welcome. You have joined a most unique team.

John M. McLarnon, Ph.D.
President, APSCUF-MU


Greetings to the University Community,

The State College and University Professional Association (SCUPA) at Millersville University welcomes new and returning students, staff, and faculty; virtually and physically, to our campus community.

This year has brought new challenges and concerns as we as a University community and a part of a greater world of educators and citizen leaders seek to manage and overcome a serious threat to life as we know it. It is a time to deploy our finest innovation, creativity, tenacity, and perseverance skills as we face the frontier of a new normal. SCUPA firmly believes we will weather this storm to achieve an unprecedented success rooted in the Millersville history and spirit that since 1855 has continued to flourish, prosper and advance despite world wars, a great depression, and multiple worldwide pandemics. We firmly believe that Education as an institution will continue to lead the way to a brighter future.

SCUPA-MU is proud to continue to support, nurture, and encourage the academic and personal growth and development of our students. We believe a collaborative effort of persistence and determination to succeed by students, dedication and commitment to University EPPIIC values, vision, mission and strategic directions by staff, faculty and administration, and a balanced blend of respect and cooperation from all will be the key elements for achieving and sustaining student success and prosperity for the future of our campus community.

We remain dedicated to that noble effort.

SCUPA-MU wishes the campus community a happy, safe, and victorious academic year.

Rita M. Miller
President, SCUPA-MU